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Is Your Booth Targeting the Audience You Want It To?

April 15, 2019

Knowing who your target audience consists of is a large key in understanding how to market your booth to them. Once you understand exactly who your audience is, understanding how to appeal to that audience so you can show them how you will meet their needs is a big thing to consider when designing your next booth. If you’re already thinking about how you can better target males, females, or both at the same time, that’s great! But what about targeting by generation? Recognizing your target audience’s generation is going to play a huge role in the success you will have in impacting them.


  • If your target audience is largely baby boomers, it’s important to know that they favor face-to-face communication, so maybe asking them to fill out a form on an iPad won’t be your best bet. Instead, speak with them one-on-one and fill in the form as your conversation flows. Knowing that they value trust, loyalty, and sense of community could be a valuable component in choosing the theme or wording on your booth.

  • If your brand is more focused on targeting Generation X, it’s important to know that they are regularly involved with social media, however, they stay away from following trends and are not easily convinced, unlike millennials. Avoid hard sales tactics and resort to research and customer testimonials to persuade this audience. One useful tactic could be a looping video that plays on people’s emotions. This generation is also the easiest to reach through email, so that may be an effective way to market your booth to them.


  • Are you targeting millennials who are not always brand loyal and make impulsive decisions? We know that millennials grew up on technology, so they are used to having everything they need at their fingertips instantly. Playing to their expectation of instant gratification with some sort of giveaway is a great booth tactic. We also know that millennials often refer to social media to find out information. Promoting your booth on your social media is a great way to grab their attention and get them excited to come to your booth for a certain offer or giveaway. Use hashtags for the show you’re attending so that they find you when they are searching for the show.

  • Generation Z, who will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020, tend to be characterized as tech-savvy, lovers of social media and crave authentic engagement with brands. A booth that allows them to engage with technology, from touch screens to augmented reality, will give you a one-up on other booths. Whatever technology you choose to incorporate in your booth design, be sure that it allows your audience to engage with your products, goods or services. Attracting a generation that is so used to being entertained will take a great booth that delivers an experiential event.


Meeting the needs of your target audience comes down to what matters most to them. This leads you to figure out what will be most effective in engaging them at your booth. Take these tips into consideration before deciding on how you’re going to interact with your audience at your next trade show!

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