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Myths vs Truths About Trade Shows That Your Business Could Benefit From Knowing

April 01, 2019

It’s common for businesses to misinterpret the value of a trade show and the benefits it can have. Lucky for you, as experts in trade show marketing, we’ve broken down and dispelled some of the biggest trade show myths that organizations, small and large, tend to have. Becoming aware of the truths of trade shows will help your business be more successful in navigating your next show! 

Myth: Trade shows are a waste of time.

Truth: Trade shows are like any risk vs. reward situation - what you get out correlates with what you put in. If you jump right in making guesses and trying to tackle responsibilities last-minute, of course your booth won’t have the positive impact you’re hoping for. No one will want to waste time coming into an exhibit that looks unprepared, which can also reflect poorly on your brand.

Forming a solid game plan of what you’re hoping to get out of your next trade show, creating an immersive brand experience that event attendees can’t pass up, and knowing how to follow up with your leads will get you much closer to the results you’re aiming for. From creating lasting impressions to increasing sales, your likelihood of reaching your goals will increase tenfold if you put in the right amount of time and thought.


Myth: Small brands can’t make a big impression at trade shows.

Truth: The great thing about trade shows is that they’re truly an even playing field. Even if you are a smaller business amongst other large businesses in your industry, you’re all on the same floor with the same opportunity to wow potential customers. Take note that 91% of tradeshow attendees with buying authority are looking for NEW products!

Being strategic with the shows that you attend will also help you become more successful by targeting the right audience. So, maybe you don’t have a large trade show budget, but attending fewer targeted shows will ensure that your money is going further, giving you more wiggle room to spend on your actual booth, helping you stand out from the crowd.


Myth: A bigger booth is always better.

Truth: The truth is, it doesn’t matter how big your booth is if it isn’t enticing enough to get people into it and keep them there. If you excel at creating a booth that effectively captures attention and motivates audience interaction and engagement, then you’ve already surpassed a large majority of your competition. A great way to do this is by implementing backlighting to make your booth pop, technology to differentiate yourself from the competition and interactivity to create memorable experiences for your booth guests.

Don’t focus on bigger, focus on better. A great option is finding a great trade show service that offers knowledge and expertise along with quality products that are designed to promote your brand, reduce costs and perform show after show.

Myth: Anyone can staff the booth, as long as they’re friendly.

Truth: Although your booth should do a great job in speaking for itself, that doesn’t mean your booth staff isn’t extremely important as well. Your booth staff should be knowledgeable of your organization and product, mindful of goals for each show, and have a knack for reading people. Knowing if someone is attentive or uninterested can be the difference between wasting an hour on someone who will never become a lead and gaining 5 leads in that same amount of time.

If you’re at a busy show, you’ll also want to make sure that you have enough staff in your booth to keep up with the flow of event attendees. Try avoiding introverts who struggle to start a conversation, those who may be overbearing or lie just to get leads. You want a people person; pleasant, social, tactful and able to connect on an emotional level to find out what booth visitors care about. This is just scratching the surface of how to staff your booth effectively -  Skyline Exhibits has many more tips on finding the right staff so that your booth can be successful.


Rather than stressing about your next trade show, let us take the guesswork out of it so you can have peace of mind that your next show will run smoothly from start to finish. Contact us today to find out how Skyline Exhibits can help your booth be a success!

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