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Six Digital Display Ideas to Capture Attention with Your Trade Show Booth

July 01, 2019

Digital displays have many useful and appealing aspects when adding them to a booth design. Movement is a great way to draw attention in, which is very much needed when you’re on a show floor with many other attractive exhibits. Digital displays are easily customizable, meaning you can change them from show to show as your needs and messaging changes. However, don’t think that simply adding digital displays to your exhibit will be a great idea without having to put much thought into what content is actually being displayed. 

If you’ve invested in digital components for your booth, don’t make the mistake of slapping your logo on it and calling it good. Many exhibitors make this mistake when they could be utilizing these eye-catching elements to further enhance their exhibit. 

Here are some ideas to help you use your digital elements to their full potential:

1. Tell your story.

If attendees aren’t familiar with who you are or what you do, this is a great opportunity to tell that story through visuals. The less work that people have to do, a.k.a. reading words, the more likely they’ll be to stick around through the entire loop. Minimal wording and visual storytelling are great ways to make a memorable impression on attendees and help them better understand your company. Although all of your digital displays should help people better understand your brand, telling your specific story is a great way to pull people in.

2. Share information on your products or services.

If you have a new product or service being offered, or there is something specific you want more people to know and recognize in your products/services, highlight this information in your digital display. Since this type of display is more memorable, it will help you reach your goal in sharing that information more effectively.


3. Show product demonstrations.

Sometimes it’s difficult to display or give a product demonstration in the space that a trade show booth allows. If your product is simply too large or needs a bigger space to be demonstrated to its full ability, short demonstration clips are a great way to help. Use something eye-catching that speaks for itself. Trade show floors are noisy, so since you won’t have a loud voice to explain things and break through the noise, make sure that people can interpret your demo with limited or no audio.

4. Show off testimonials – you earned them!

If someone has an interest in a product but is not completely sold on making the purchase, they love seeing that it worked great for someone else before taking the risk on their own. Testimonials are a great way to show that people have had success with your products or services and that they recommend it. Real recommendations are very powerful in marketing and are a great aspect to include in an eye-catching digital display.

5. Display real-time social media posts.

Display social media posts from people that are using your hashtag, showing photos of guests enjoying your booth’s interactive aspects and sharing positive words about your company. This gives an incentive for people who are interacting with your exhibit to share on social media so that their posts will be displayed on the big screen. Not only will people passing by see that attendees are enjoying your booth, it will generate awareness of your brand on social sites as well.

6. Use your digital display as a chance to change up your messaging.

If you’re constricted to the same messaging at each show because you’ve purchased graphics and maxed your trade show budget for the year, digital displays can help. Having the ability to change your messaging from show to show will help you stick to your core booth design, but still have room to hit on different aspects that you want to share.


If your digital display is outside your booth, use it as a tool to get people intrigued enough to come inside your exhibit. Once inside, give more detailed information in your displays to share with the people who are seeking it and showing great interest. Let’s work together to figure out what type of display content will best reach your audience. Contact us today!   

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