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The #1 Reason Why People Attend Trade Shows and Why It Matters for Your Business

May 01, 2019

People attend trade shows for many different reasons, but the leading reason to attend has remained the same for the past 25 years. The number one reason why people go to trade shows is to see and experience new products.

Why does this matter for you and your business? Because 92% of attendees at trade shows are looking to purchase new products, potentially FROM YOU. To maintain your mark in your industry, exhibiting at trade shows will get you the exposure you need to the buyers who are seeking what you are marketing.

This matters to your business if you are launching a new product or you are hoping to grow brand awareness because trade shows are the perfect occasion to assist in your company meeting those goals. Having a condensed audience of people who are interested in your business offerings and looking to buy are a great place to start and spread the word.

81% of trade show attendees have purchasing authority. If you’ve made brand changes or product updates, this is an effective time and place to build awareness of these changes to those in your industry, especially the ones with buying power.

Why else should this matter for your business? Because having access to these decision-makers in-person is the perfect way to create a relationship with them. A face-to-face marketing opportunity gives you the chance to put a friendly face to your brand – something that buyers will keep in mind. Also, people tend to prefer to work with those they’ve become familiar with. When they’re ready to make their purchasing decision, your brand will come to mind. This is in comparison to not attending a trade show where much of your competition is present, and not even being considered as an option since your company was not there to make an impression.

Contact a trade show marketing professional today to get started on creating an exhibit that will leave a lasting impression of your brand on the people who want to see your products the most.

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