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The Basic Breakdown of Trade Show Displays & Exhibits

January 08, 2016

Starting off the year fresh and new is a great feeling.  As your company is organizing a new plan of attack for 2016 trade shows in Chicago and beyond, you will want to have the basic understanding of what different types of displays are out there and what they are called.  Chances are, if you have gone to other trade shows in the past, then you have seen or even used these types of displays.  We want to give you a basic breakdown of what kind of exhibits or displays you may want to use, as you get set for 2016!
Portable Displays
As far as low set-up needs go, portable displays are the best option to utilize.  There are three different types of portable solutions to professionally represent your company or organization at a trade show in Chicago. Portable trade show displays generally do not require tools to set up.
            Pop-Up & Backwall Displays
Pop-up and backwall trade show displays can come in several shapes and sizes. Either way, they are easy to set up and are very durable.  These simple options give you peace of mind while transporting.
            Banner Stand Displays
An incredibly lightweight option for trade show displays, banner stands grab attention and provide versatility between events.  These are easy to set up and cost effective for DIY exhibitors.
            Tabletop Displays
When attending some trade shows, there isn’t much room allotted or available for every exhibitor.  For those smaller spaces, a tabletop display is an effective and attractive way to represent your organization or company.
Modular Inline Exhibits
Using a modular inline exhibit at a trade show in Chicago is a stylish way to show off your company’s product.  These are perfect for exhibitors who desire high design and structure in their trade show booth.  There are dozens of inline display options that are custom-made to meet each individuals needs.  These aren’t too difficult to set up, but there may be some tools required and more time needed to get everything in place, compared to the portable displays listed above.
Custom Island Exhibits
To really blow the socks off of potential customers or clients, these custom island exhibits are the way to go.  These are the types of trade show exhibits that have no limit to their creativity.  With wildly innovative designs that display the best your company has to offer, these are quite the spectacle.  Large and medium sized trade show booth spaces can be utilized to the max with one-of-a-kind custom island exhibits. 
To help you capture greater success, bring your best foot forward to 2016 trade show booths in Chicago with creative, attention grabbing and professional show displays contact Skyline Chicago to go over a tailored solution just for your business.  Inform and impress attendees as your exhibit shows how your organization or product will positively impact lives and the world.  Make 2016 the best of your trade show exhibits yet with Skyline’s trade show products and services!

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