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The Most Effective Social Media Tips for Before, During and After Your Next Trade Show

April 22, 2019


Don’t make the mistake of waiting for people to visit the trade show’s website and scroll through the long list of alphabetical companies attending just to maybe notice your name on the list. Not only is this minimal exposure highly ineffective, it’s also not telling them anything about your booth. What’s your theme? What are you offering? What kind of experience will people get when they visit your exhibit? Answering these questions on your social media sites will be a much more effective way of getting people interested in visiting your booth.

Endorsing your upcoming show via social media is a great first step to promote your presence there and will get you on attendees’ radars sooner. When your name is on someone’s mind, they’ll be actively searching for your booth, rather than realizing you’re at the show IF they happen to walk by your booth.

Here are some great ideas that involve promoting your booth before the event on social media:

  • Promote different offerings people can get if they visit your booth at the show.  


  • Use the event’s hashtag to show up when people are searching for the show.


  • Create pre-show buzz by doing a giveaway for one lucky winner who shares your post.


  • Make videos to share on your social media platforms that engage your audience and give them a sneak-peek into your booth.


  • Do some research on what social media platforms your trade show is most active on and get active on them as well.


  • Post sneak-peak photos of a new product you are launching.


  • Share a photo of the show floor with a location pin of where your booth will be located so people will know right where you are at the show.


  • Post photos of your booth staff with their contact information so attendees can easily get in touch before, during or after the show.



We hope that your booth staff is keeping busy engaging with plenty of prospects during your show, but don’t forget that it’s important to get on social media during this time as well! Many exhibitors forget that this is a great time to engage with people who are currently at the show and get more attendees over to your booth.

Here are a couple of helpful ideas for increasing booth engagement during the show on social media:

  • Schedule posts ahead of time using Hootsuite to be sent out during your show. This gives you the luxury of not having to step away from attendees as much, resulting in higher quality engagement.


  • Take photos of booth guests enjoying their time in your booth and create a sense of F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) for those who are not at your booth.


  • Share that you’re offering free samples or giving away promotional materials, but people need to get there quick before they run out!


  • Incorporate a photo booth and ask people to share it with your hashtag.


  • Tie a contest into your during-show social media efforts by asking booth visitors to share a selfie at your booth for a chance to win a prize.


  • Leverage your trade show investment and live stream your booth to expand the impressions on your booth’s messages, products, and brand.


This is where it’s important not to pump the breaks and continue at full speed with your social media efforts. Recap all the hard work that gave you a successful event and don’t forget to follow up with the people who took the time to visit your booth!   

Here are a couple of beneficial tactics for your after-show social media usage: 

  • Share photos of your booth engagement, portraying the interest that people took in your product and brand.


  • Create an event recap video highlighting your company’s presence at the show.


  • Ask people to share their own photos taken at your booth to win a prize. Include some type of photo-op in your booth that encourages people to take photos while they’re there.


  • Share any awards you won at the show illustrating that you’re a leader in your industry.


  • Offer a survey with an incentive for those who visited your booth.


Your exhibit shouldn’t just be discussed inside the walls of the trade show center. To get the most out of your trade show marketing efforts, be sure to get involved on social media before, during and after your next show! If you’re ready to start planning for your next booth, reach out to us today.

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