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Trade Show Problems Arise No Matter How Well You’ve Planned – What Matters Is That You’re Prepared

May 06, 2019

You’ve put time and money into your exhibit. Don’t let a couple last-minute glitches hinder the success of your booth. Here are a couple of exhibit complications we’ve seen arise and how you can react promptly and professionally, or prevent it altogether.


Things Go Missing

Your shipments could be lost, delayed, or stolen – it all happens.

  • If it happens to be your handouts that are missing, having access to those digital files (marketing materials, brochures, product description handouts) is key to being able to visit a copy shop and replace these things if needed.


  • To prevent shipping cases from going missing, make sure that those handling them know exactly who they belong to. Use clear and repetitive labeling such as hanging tags on handles in addition to printed labels. Labeling cases 1 of 4, 2 of 4, and so on will ensure that those handling them are aware of the total number they should be dealing with. If something still happens to go wrong and one does go missing, you’ll know exactly what case is lost and the items inside.  


  • Knowing what’s inside helps you prove exactly what is missing as well; to help in this instance, take photos of shipping cases and their contents.


  • The best-proven way to prevent theft in the trade show world is to prevent thieves from seeing what they’re stealing. To do this, use black shrink wrap rather than clear on your palletized shipments.


Things Get Damaged

Items can be damaged due to different factors. However, there are a couple of things you can do to lower these odds.

  • Much of the time, damages can be avoided when using sturdy and reliable packaging. Rather than packing things on your own, save money by avoiding damage down the road and spend a little extra on exhibitor stand hardware. These materials are made specifically for your booth and will ensure that what’s inside will be protected.


  • Consider investing in a Skyline Vault Case which is built to protect. With a thick steel outer coating, a firm foam interior and straps that hold products in place, you’ll know that your exhibit materials will be safe from harsh handling.


  • It’s frustrating when shippers mishandle your exhibit materials. Avoid making it apparent, but many exhibitors have relied on duct tape or small cable ties for small fixes.


  • Magic Erasers can be used to remove scuffs from frames and panels.


  • A handheld fabric steamer is great to have on hand for removing wrinkles from fabric panels.


  • If you have wood furniture or flooring, wood scuff remover pens can assist in touch-ups.


  • Ask your sales team to pack a couple of these things in their carry on so you can have them on hand if you do happen to need them.


  • Other things to consider for a dirty display could be carpet cleaner or Shout Wipes that can always be picked up from a nearby convenience store.


  • One decision that can help avoid soaking wet carpet is avoiding booth spaces near floor drains. One small drainage problem could ruin your entire booth’s carpet space.


  • If there is unfixable damage done, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and insure your exhibit. All-risk insurance includes door-to-door coverage. If your booth has been a large investment for your business, you may want to take this into consideration.


In a perfect world, every booth would show up to a trade show looking perfect. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case due to human error and unlucky mishaps. It’s up to you to plan to ensure that these trade show trials are less likely to happen to you, and if they do, know what to expect and how to handle them.  

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