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3 Rules For Successfully Exhibiting at a Trade Show In New York

August 12, 2014

If you've never attended a trade show or other marketing event before, you probably think that you just have to show up with an awesome trade show exhibit in New York and the rest will be a piece of cake. However, to truly be successful, you have to follow a few key rules, specifically, don't waste time on unqualified leads, train your sales staff, and know how to measure the event's return on investment to determine whether you should attend the next industry expo or stay home.

Did You Gather Unqualified Leads At Your Trade Show Exhibit In New York? Ignore Them!

Some companies think that they need to gather as many leads as possible when they're at their trade show exhibit. However, all this does is to create a lot of extra and unnecessary work for your sales staff back in the office. They'll waste hours upon hours making multiple follow up calls to people who aren't even interested in your products of services. Instead, make sure that your sales staff is qualifying leads at the event. This can be done with a few strategic questions when you're talking with attendees. Consider giving your staff a pen with multiple ink colors so they can quickly note whether the lead is hot, warm or cold with a simple mark on a lead card. If your sales staff is having a particularly slow week, they can make a single phone call to gauge interest on a cold lead, but they should not spend a lot of time on these cold leads.

Be Ready To Answer Detailed Questions In Front Of Your Trade Show Exhibit In New York

While many attendees will be at the event to learn a little more about your company, some will be ready to buy! Make sure that your staff is ready to answer detailed questions about your company's products, services and even policies. Also make sure that someone on your team has the authority to write and sign contracts in case someone does want to make a purchase on the spot.

Make Sure You Can Measure Return On Investment From Your Trade Show Exhibit In New York

Finally, make sure that you can concretely measure the return on investment from attending the event. For instance, if your trade show exhibit in New York and other event costs totaled $10,000, but you can attribute $15,000 in new contracts to the event, your ROI is 50%. The ROI for your event could vary wildly, depending on how well attended it is, so it's important to focus your efforts on events that have a proven track record if you're truly focused on the best ROI. This doesn't mean that new events can't be profitable, but you should expect a lower ROI if you decide to take your trade show exhibit in New York to one of them.

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