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Don't Sacrifice Your Trade Show Displays In New York To Save Money: Use These Thoughtful (And Unnoticeable!) Cuts

October 01, 2014

Your trade show displays in New York are the most important part of attending a trade show or other marketing event. Not surprisingly, these exhibits can also be the most expensive part of exhibiting, which means that most companies instantly turn to their trade show displays in New York when they're trying to shave money off their budget. Don't sacrifice your company's presence at the event! Instead use one of these thoughtful tips from the pros at Skyline New York to protect your bottom line.

Plan, Plan And Plan Some More!
Late fees can account for a major line in your budget, but they don't have to. Many events have strict deadlines to ensure that you get a space for your trade show displays in New York. If you miss the deadline, you can still get a space, but it's going to cost you! Instead of waiting until the last minute, make sure to pay your entry fees on time. It's a small step that can add up to big savings in your trade show budget.

Bring Enough Copies For Everyone Who Visits Your Trade Show Displays In New York
Although shipping can be pricy (more on that next!), it's important to bring enough marketing materials for everyone who visits your trade show displays in New York. You might be tempted to bring fewer brochures, business cards, lead cards or flyers than you think you need -- after all, the event will have a copy center if you need to make additional copies.

It's true that the event will have a copy center, but (and it's a big but!) this copy center comes with a hefty price tag. The event organizers know that if you need copies, you'll be willing to pay whatever price they set. If you do find that you've run out of your materials, look up the nearest copy or business center. Sometimes you'll be able to send an employee out to make some copies at a much cheaper price. Even if you need to pay for a cab ride, you could still save quite a bit of money.

Tricks To Saving Money On Shipping Your Trade Show Displays In New York
Shipping is one of the biggest expenses, after the exhibit space and travel costs. Instead of paying through the nose for shipping, only ship very heavy boxes.

Drayage, that is, getting your boxes from your shipping partner to your exhibit space, is often charged in 100 lb increments. This means that a 20 lb box will cost as much as a 100 lb box. If you shipped lighter boxes to save on initial shipping costs, you could be quadrupling your drayage costs at the event. Before you ship anything, make sure to read your contract with the exhibit organizers so that you understand what drayage will cost you.

These are just three ways to save costs on exhibiting with your trade show displays in New York without sacrificing your exhibit. Before you rule out an event because of cost, see if you can come up with additional ways to cut down your budget. You might be surprised at what you can trim without affecting your trade show displays at New York expos.


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