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How To Maximize Lead Collection at your Trade Show Display

November 04, 2014

Big data collection from potential clients must be optimized at your trade show. The information you gather from clients is crucial for your sales team to do their job after the show. While most savvy entrepreneurs don’t question the importance of big data collection, many fail to give this key event element the attention and consideration that it requires to ensure it’s done properly.

Fortunately, modern innovations have made collecting consumer data as simple and straightforward as possible, if you know how to effectively manage the process. When putting together your plan for gathering attendee data and information, consider utilizing a few key technology resources to streamline your efforts, including:

Tablets and iPads: Utilizing various electronic tablets seems to be the norm at modern live events. However, oftentimes business owners use them to simply surf the web to help answer questions during a conversation with an attendee. Get strategic with these tablets and distribute them throughout your trade show displays to loop demos, take consumer surveys, show summarized information, or as a station to enter information. Also have them set up to capture relevant contact information from guests as well. Tablets and iPads are great for visual impact or to gather information, but don’t let the small screen detract from your interpersonal conversation.

Touchscreens: A flat touchscreen can be used much like an tablet. Use the device for a myriad of purposes such as visual presentations, product demonstrations, interactive surveys or activities, or even apps purposed for your show. Give attendees an opportunity to enter their information for later use. This can be a great way to engage your attendees, but don’t let them walk away without getting their information or having a conversation.

Handheld Scanners: Looking for a quick and easy way to capture data during an event? Try a handheld scanner. Visitors simply need to provide their business cards for you to quickly scan information for future follow-up, or you should be able to scan the bar code on their ID badge from the show. Note: You still need to have a way to write down notes about the conversation though—a business card does your sales team no good when it comes to follow up after the show. They need information and notes to go with each business card you scan so they know what was talked about and what the attendee’s need is.

Smart Phone App: Not surprisingly, there is a multitude of smart phone apps designed specifically to help business owners capture leads at their trade shows. Research with your team to find which format will work best for your needs in advance. Again, remember that you need somewhere to record notes about each individual conversation you have with an attendee. Make sure your lead captures the contact information and important information that will help your sales team.

Follow Up is Crucial

Of course, gathering contact information at trade show displays is only the first step towards ultimate success. In order to truly maximize the benefits of your collected data, it’s critical to follow up on every lead gathered. Work with your team pre-show to create a plan for follow up as well as a way to systematically ensure that the process is being followed. An effective follow up plan is the best way to determine what works… and what will require modification the next time your company attempts to mine consumer information.

How to maximize lead collection at your trade show display
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