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Top Trade Show Musts to Incorporate Into Your Exhibit

December 04, 2014

If you’re ready to take your trade show booth to the next level and command attention from the wandering crowd, it’s important to incorporate a few critical musts. When creating the strategy for your trade show exhibit, consider the following:

Updating the material/fabrics used in your trade show display: Yes, wood and metal will always have their place in live marketing exhibits. However, the latest design trends are incorporating various materials throughout the booths to deliver a unique and distinctive final look and feel. Your materials and fabrics should be cohesive with your marketing message and relate to your overall objective. If you’re a cutting-edge technology company for example, using sleeker and lighter materials will enhance your message and your brand. Different fabrics and materials can instantly add a lighter, more airy vibe and compel visitors to stop inside for a closer look at what your business has to offer. Best of all, incorporating some of the same fabric into a banner stand used to complement your exhibit can deliver a final, comprehensive marketing front.

Getting strategic with your lighting: Using strategic lighting throughout your booth will help you stand out and do your display and brand justice. While the hosting venue will always offer some type of lighting options, modern entrepreneurs aren’t willing to risk being overlooked simply because their booth isn’t getting the type of lighting it needs to garner crowd attention. Opting instead for custom lighting configurations can instantly add a bit of dramatic flair to you booth and get your products noticed by the wandering crowds. Nothing is worse than having a fantastically designed booth and then having your best images and messages sitting in the dark.

Creating an experience: Previously, the sole purpose of trade shows was to promote your new products and services to attendees. Now, there is so much more to it. Strategic business owners are working with design firms to create trade show booths that deliver an entire visitor experience. Every facet of your exhibit can be used to inform, engage and compel your guests for a lasting, sustainable engagement. Distributing interactive technology, such as games, product surveys and virtual demonstrations, throughout the exhibit can deliver an enhanced promotional experience. Here’s a great article about incorporating technology into your booth. Additionally, the booth itself can include tactile surfaces that deliver a comprehensive sensory event. By creating an experience, you are more likely to extend how long each visitor will stay in your booth as well as reinforce the overall user engagement for long-term brand identification and marketing benefits.

Stay ahead of these trends to remain relevant and fresh in the eyes of your potential customers.

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