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Top 5 Lead Capture Apps

April 30, 2019

Which App is Right For Your Company?  

Well, we knew it was just a matter of time before even more technology began to grace the world of events and trade shows. Fortunately, when it comes to lead-capturing, the news is all good. More and more exhibitors are switching from the old rented badge scanners to mobile apps for gathering leads on the trade show floor. Unlike the badge scanners, which could take days to route information to you, these new mobile apps instantly provide you with customer data and much, much more. The ability to reply to leads efficiently and to automatically integrate the information with your CRM makes these apps invaluable for bustling trade show managers.

Following are a handful of apps that are particularly valuable to event staff because they integrate with at least one of the popular CRMS, they do more than just scan badges, and they are available for both iOS and Android devices:

1. atEvent  

Specifically designed for trade shows and events, atEvent was built on the idea that events should generate a wealth of qualified leads and not a load of fluff. Their primary goals is to make their software easy to use, easy to train, and versatile enough for the trade show industry. It allows connectivity pre-event, at event and post event to maximize sales velocity. Not only does it allow event planners to track attendees, scan badges, and generate reports, it allows managers to monitor the productivity of their sales team during the event via an employee tracking tool – a leaderboard displaying which team members are generating and interacting with the most leads. Your marketing teams can enjoy tools like customizable fields for data integration with CRM systems, real-time synchronization, and campaign workflows. Generating reports on metrics like cost-per-lead, productivity, follow-up plans, and more are made easy with atEvent’s assessment tools.

2. Eventdex  

Boasting one suite to meet all your organizational needs, Eventdex is specifically designed for busy managers of trade shows, conferences, and expos. It has a user-friendly platform enabling users to design and create event registration pages, set up online fee collection, and email attendees their registration confirmations, invoice receipts, orders and badges. The badge tool allows users to design personalized badges with QR codes or the traditional barcodes for scanning. (Exhibitors can use a socket scanner or their phone’s camera to scan badges.) With Eventdex , you can rate leads on the spot, take notes on potentials, and access them with a mobile device. Besides online registration, event ticketing, mobile check-in, and lead scanning, Eventdex offers business matchmaking and networking along with customized analytics dashboards and reports. Compatible with Zapier and Salesforce, as well as popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net, Eventdex really offers it all.

3. iCapture

When you scan a badge using iCapture, it automatically transcribes the data and verifies it by two humans, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. The authenticated information can then be synced with popular email providers (Constant Contact, Mailchimp, etc.) and CRMs (Salesforce, HubSpot & Marketo, etc.). Data captured offline is safely stored on your mobile device until an internet connection is re-estsablished.  iCapture has aligned with the top badge providers so that you can go seamlessly from show to show with just your mobile device and access data faster.

4. momencio

momencio is currently the only universal lead retrieval platform that offers marketing automation and sales enablement beyond the event floor. More than just a badge scanner, momencio intuitively offers context about prospective leads and allows the event staff to begin fostering a relationship with them. The dashboards in momencio’s event portal provide insights into unique booth attendees, repeat attendees, and more. While users can certainly scan badges or business cards to track leads, they can also search for contacts in pre-existing customer lists because  digital marketing materials can be stored in the app, allowing immediate access to marketing collateral whenever users are talking with leads. All tradeshow attendees are automatically emailed by momencio after presentations, with emails containing a link to a personalized microsite. This little app packs quite a punch beyond scanning badges: users can set sales  and marketing goals for each event, track performances for individual sales people or the entire company, measure budgeting goals, and more. And it integrates seamlessly with all major CRMs.

5. QuickTapSurvey

Using custom survey questions, QuickTapSurvey rapidly captures leads for you. You can build your own fancy branded mobile forms and surveys that feature your logo, brand colors, and more, which helps you identify quality leads from dead ends. As each response is quickly, automatically processed into a “score” for leads, you can export them instantly to email or via APIs. Rated as the #1 offline survey app, QuickTapSurvey is unbeatable for creating beautiful surveys and mobile forms in just a few minutes. What’s more, it allows unlimited survey responses, so you never have to worry about capping your numbers.

Since most mobile lead capture apps are available only with a monthly subscription, they are the best option for frequent exhibitors. However, if you take a few minutes to compare the subscription costs with your badge scanner rental fees, you might find that a mobile app is really worth it. Besides that, a mobile app does a LOT more than a badge scanner. Depending on the size of your business and the volume of traffic you get, you can pick an app that suits your business’s needs. So, do a little homework and find one that’s right for you.

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 This article is inspired by "Five Lead Capture Apps for Trade Shows" by Sofia Troutman and first appeared at www.skyline.com

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