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November 21, 2014

By Steve Hoffman, CTSM

  1. Most marketing communications that are externally aimed are designed to ultimately attract, inform and/or entice prospects.  Tradeshows already have a large group of your best prospects coming together. In fact, they are paying to come see you!  If Marketing’s goal is to enable face-to-face contact with qualified prospects, you’ll never find more of them in one place than at the right trade show.
  2. Most organizations have established (to varying degrees) a set of visuals they utilize on websites, in advertisements, on corporately branded literature, etc…Trade shows enable you to go larger than life and be in the face of your target audience.  Brand continuity and impact are enhanced.
  3. The best results come from marketing tactics that have been strategically planned with goals and objectives in mind. Trade Show Exhibiting can be viewed as either a Strategy (whereby you’re going to use exhibiting to help you accomplish something) or as a Tactic (for a specific show). 
  4. Marketers know that your company’s “Brand” is more than the logo or color palette.  Moreover your Brand Ambassadors are not just the folks in marketing.  Brand identity is how you are perceived in your prospect’s minds and tradeshows provide opportunities for live contact to reinforce your brand with a large and important audience and with one-on-one interactions.
  5. The “good-ship” Marketing works best when all oars are being pulled in the same direction.  If your social media, paid advertising and direct mail were all clicking along in sync you wouldn’t want another marketing tactic out of sync or jest drooping along.  Don’t slow down progress or get off course – integrate your tradeshow and other marketing activities.

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