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Be The Wienermobile Of Your Trade Show

December 14, 2015

Oscar Mayer knew there was a need for some type of special promotional vehicle, but what would it be?

A simple car with branding?
A food truck that hands out fresh made hot dogs?

Or would it be an 18 wheeler that displayed the product while delivering?

Nope, none of the above. They knew that they had to think outside the box if they really wanted to attract attention. They knew they had to be more creative than all of the competition when it came to adding a promotional vehicle to their company.

Then in 1936, Oscar Mayer had the Solution:
The Wienermobile. A 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels. Now talk about “outside the box”

     Since then the Wienermobile has been cruising America’s roads and constantly attracting attention. Then last week we had the pleasure of having one of six Wienermobiles cruise by the office. This thing was awesome! It had attractive colors & graphics, a size that would draw a crowd, sturdy panels & features that displayed quality and the most important part; two Oscar Mayer employees that were a perfect fit for the job. Between admiring this cool mobile and snapping pictures, we spoke about the Wienermobile with the drivers. One comment that stuck out to me was something they said, “No matter where we are, we always attract attention and a crowd; we can’t even stop for lunch without getting questioned and being someone’s personal photographer!”. This really got me thinking about the similarities between the mobile and a trade show booth.

     You have the choice on how and who you want to promote your brand. Oscar Mayer could have easily had a simple car made with branding and a driver that that just drove, but they knew they wanted to have something/someone extraordinary advertising them. So they had the biggest and baddest hot dog machine custom designed and staffed it with two passionate and knowledgeable drivers while on the road and at events. Not only did they have a great display, they had two people that embodied the brand and what they stood for while really knowing how to promote Oscar Mayer.

     Being the Wienermobile of your trade show involves having something that not every other competitor has. It involves being able to emerge and attract a crowd no matter the location or context. It means having the correct staffers that know your company and its intentions. It means showing quality and being a notable company. But most of all, it means having a successful display that captures what your brand is all about and how you will serve your target market.

Now think to yourself, are you the Wienermobile of your trade show?

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