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A look at our Notes for Designing Candidates' Exhibit Booths

September 03, 2015

Our firm was recently contacted by the Federal Association of Knowledgeable Electors (FAKE) to ascertain design criteria for leading Presidential candidates and offer a recommendation whether or not a Trade show to sell themselves would be beneficial. Below are select, random excerpts from our notes:
Clinton: Has had previous exhibit problems with Internet and email….Must establish credibility
Trump: Won't agree to show rules wants booth to either be a castle or build big secure wall
Christie: Avoid any and all Bridge imagery??
Santorum: Use existing graphic: Winner Iowa 2012!
Bush: Use bi-lingual graphics; focus message on attacking Trump????
Graham: Wants messages and position to be more Center but he’s stuck way on the Right
Rand Paul: Inherited ‘booth’ from his father - not sure what to do with it
Huckabee: Needs display space for Bible and Constitution
Cruz: Note that his space is to the far right (actually claims he’s an outsider???)
Carson: Needs conservative look that isn’t loud to mesh with other marketing that is working
Fiorina: Must promote product line extension beyond high tech
Rubio: May want to think about sharing booth space with another exhibitor
Jindal: Considering in-booth promotion of handing out fresh Beignets to attract attention
Sanders: Space is Far Left. Might need to reconsider using the word "socialist” in the tagline?
Chafee: Current booth is metric. Check dimensions
O'Malley: Art may be late. Looking for good photos to do positive Baltimore graphic
Kasich: Should use mini-model of Ohio State Marching Band to generate excitement in booth
Walker: Initially talked of huge booth but so far it’s like a bannerstand
Webb, Pataki & Gilmore: Apparently no particular plans to stand out and get noticed
Perry: Hasn't paid booth staffers so they are all leaving him… may not make it to the show
Note: Biden still deciding if he will actually exhibit. So far just ‘suitcasing’ without commitment
Other observations:
Do potential attendees feel exhibitors offer anything of value?  Would anyone come? 
What event venue to hold the tradeshow so that CNN or Fox can't make the rules?
Recommendation: the only chance of success for this event is if Jon Stewart would deliver the keynote address

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