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The Hidden Value of Trade Shows is Very Real

October 24, 2016

All companies that invest in exhibit marketing should have a good understanding of “why” they are investing? “What” they hope to achieve? “Who” they need to get in front of to accomplish the goal(s) and “how” they need to interact with the target prospects once in a face-to-face environment.

However, too many organizations minimize the detailing of goals and leave extensive potential value of investments they are already making on the tradeshow floor. So whether you are quantifying and measuring to establish a formal ROI or simply want to enhance awareness of the many values tradeshows offer your firm, below are five extra gifts from the world of exhibit and event marketing.

  1. Your Sr. Management has opportunities to initially meet or strengthen relationships with contacts at key accounts whose only tie to your company may be their particular Sales Rep. Management (or owners) also have the benefit of witnessing their teams in action as well as spending quality and intense time with their teams in a compact amount of time.
  2. Your company has an investment in its Brand. Unless you’re a start-up, the efforts to build and enhance a brand started long before consideration of what your exhibit would look like. The brand is everything from your people, the logos on their shirts, the industry’s perception of your company and its products or services, etc… A tradeshow amortizes the investment in your brand because the largest collection of potential customers is in one place at one time.
  3. What’s next for your company’s growth? Before you invest in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in product development, utilize the fact that the future buyers of a new product are already assembled at a tradeshow and implement some informal research on their openness to acquiring the future product or their ideas on how you might improve it.
  4. Training opportunities abound at tradeshows. Training can be things a manufacturer wants to convey to its distributors or a professional services corporations wants to reinforce among a geographically dispersed salesforce. Training can be veteran company people working with newer staff in the booth or can be taking advantage of classes, seminars, breakouts and speakers that are part of most tradeshows.
  5. Your competition is likely exhibiting at the same tradeshow you are. Check them out! Get close to their products; notice the people they are meeting with (are they your customers or prospects, too?). I’m not suggesting clandestine or sneaky approaches… Go shake a hand and meet the competition. One of their better employees may be your next superstar!

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