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3 Important Factors For Creating Effective Table Top Displays

June 15, 2017

3 Important Factors For Creating Effective Table Top Displays

More and more companies are taking advantage of table top displays at trade shows and other events. These versatile exhibits have a smaller footprint and are less expensive and easier for businesses to transport and operate. Some companies may prefer them because space is limited. Others may not be ready to purchase, store, transport, and run a larger exhibit. Whatever the reason, there are some important elements that help make table top displays more effective. Below, we'll list a few of the factors that can enhance these displays.

#1 - Friendly Faces

There is no better way to make your exhibit more inviting for visitors than by having some friendly faces to greet them. Strategically choose which of your employees you want to man the booth. Some people are a lot more natural when it comes to talking with potential customers. Employees at the booth should be friendly and informative. This makes visitors more likely to spend time at the table as well as find out more about the company. Prior to staffing the table, determine which employees have the best interpersonal skills.

#2 - A Memorable Message

The company's message to potential customers is a vital part of the display. Since you need to capture the attention of your audience within a few seconds, what message or information will intrigue them the most? How is that message best portrayed? By making a statement? Asking a question? What message should visitors ideally remember after leaving the display? Communicate it loud and clear. Sometimes, when it comes to an engaging message, less is more. Overall, people will be more likely to purchase from a company who has clearly communicated their message.

#3 - Engaging Design Of Table Top Displays

Considering you only have a few seconds to draw the attention of trade show visitors, the look of the display is more important than ever. It's what makes one display stand out from the rest. When it comes to design, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Use of Color - Many businesses may not realize that the use of color is an important factor to consider. Studies reveal that humans subconsciously associate certain colors with different emotions. For example, yellow is typically related to stress, whereas green is considered calming. Some brands are built around one specific color. Target, for example, is associated with the color red. Ask yourself if color plays a part in your company's marketing plan. Is it possible that the use of a specific color could help make the display more noticeable?
  • Use of Graphics - The graphics included in a display should be strategic and well thought out. Graphics are a unique medium to communicate with viewers about who a company is and what it offers. There are a few questions to ask when considering what the best use of graphics is. What images will most appeal to your target market? Where is the ideal logo placement? Is there a certain emotion or feeling that you want people to experience and associate with the company?

These are a just a few of many factors to consider when it comes to exhibiting with table top displays. Brainstorm additional ideas with your staff to enhance your exhibits and improve teamwork.

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