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6 Reasons Exhibitors Are Choosing Pop Up Displays

July 07, 2017

6 Reasons Exhibitors Are Choosing Pop Up Displays

When deciding which type of display system to use for a trade show or other event, consider which one is the best fit for your company. Which one will represent the company best? What is affordable? Is the system easy to use? Ask these questions to help determine which display should be chosen. Keep in mind that it will be a representation of the company and the brand. Both should be represented well. Below, we will discuss six reasons exhibitors are choosing pop up displays to represent their companies.

#1 - Effective Use Of Space

There may not always be enough room to use a big exhibit or booth. Pop up displays enable exhibitors to promote their brand professionally, even in small spaces. Be sure to feature custom graphics to attract the attention of the audience and intrigue potential customers to find out more about the products and services your company offers. For maximum impact, work with a dealer known for making high-quality products.

#2 - Transportable Ease

Perhaps the greatest advantage of pop up displays is their portable convenience. Light in weight and able to pack up small, these systems are much less of a hassle to transport than booths or exhibits. They are especially convenient when an event is scheduled with short notice. You're able to pack the display in the car and get on your way. Transportability also translates to enhanced versatility. Bring these displays with you anywhere and set them up yourself, avoiding the need for professional services.

#3 - Simple Installation

Pop up displays are also convenient because they do not require a lot of time or special tools to install. Do not use valuable event time to hassle with complicated installation. The displays are designed to be simple to install in a matter of minutes, allowing your team more time to talk to potential customers. Save time and avoid frustration thanks to simple installation. 

#4 - Sturdiness

Although these systems are compact and lightweight, they are also made to be sturdy and tough. Extremely durable, they can truly be taken with you wherever you go. Investing in high-quality products will be cost-effective because they will have a longer lifetime. Present a professional look by using high-quality, durable trade show products. 

#5 - Available Accessories

Maximize the success of your display by taking advantage of available accessories. For example, workstations, flat screen TVs, and interactive technology are all tools that can help enhance your brand's presence. Not only that, but these highly-effective accessories also offer a greater opportunity to connect with potential customers.

#6 - Option To Rent Pop Up Displays

Renting is a great option for trade show exhibitors. It allows you to try out different portable systems to see which one is the best fit. Renting also enables exhibitors to easily change or add to their trade show display.

These are just some of the advantages that portable systems have to offer. Other portable systems include tabletop and inflatable systems.

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