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February 19, 2016

Banner Stands In Miami Offer Do-It-Yourself Exhibitors An Easier Way

It would be great if we had unlimited funds to create trade show exhibits? A lot of help doing set up and tear down would be nice too. Unfortunately, few of us are in that position. So how can we maximize our time, effort and funding to create a display that gets attention? Skyline banner stands are a great choice for the Miami market.
Fast And Easy Set Up
Normally exhibitors will arrive early to get set up. If the display is complicated or just time consuming, that early morning can get even earlier. While a practiced exhibitor may be able to set up a pop up display in ten to fifteen minutes, an exhibit using banner stands can be set up even more quickly. A retractable banner stand is as easy as pulling down a window shade, just in reverse. One exhibitor will have no problem setting up three banner stands in the time it would take to set up a pop up display. The bonus is that taking the exhibit down is just as easy, a plus at the end of a long day.
A Light And Easy Way To Make A Ten-Foot Wall
The ten-foot back wall sometimes seems to be the hardest part of a booth to manage. Managing set up of something that wide can be tricky at times when you are doing it by yourself. Using three foot banner stands, three in a row, allow a back wall to go up in a matter of minutes. Using the banner stands together allows for easy changes specific to a show or event, even changes on different days within the same show.
Greater Flexibility
Banner stands allow you to respond to different needs with ease. Graphics can be changed out to suit the needs of a particular show or to promote a different product or service. Graphics can also be changed to accommodate different heights of a display or to tailor a message to a specific audience.
Useful In More Places
If you have trade show responsibilities, there is a good chance you have similar responsibilities in other settings. Banner stands can easily be adapted to use at job fairs or seminars to represent your brand or answer frequently asked questions. They can be used to draw attention to a new product on the sales floor or a special event. Having a company off site meeting, board meeting or conference? Banner stands can be quickly adapted to help direct participants to break out rooms or to communicate information they would find useful.
If you need banner stands in Miami or the Caribbean area, Skyline can help you. Our South Florida team can help you see what options are available to help you generate more buzz at your next trade show while making your set up and tear down easier and faster. The Skyline team is ready to help you get the most bang for your marketing buck. Just contact us or visit our showroom to get started.

Banner Stands Miami
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