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Banner Stands Miami | Telling A Brand Story

March 22, 2017

Banner Stands Are The Ideal Medium For Telling Your Brand Story

Trade show exhibitors are all familiar with banner stands because they're so versatile, portable, and effective, when used to best advantage. They're used alone to call attention to something specific like a new product, the selling points of a featured product, a promotion, or a giveaway. When used in series, they can create one massive display space, or to pull the viewer's attention through a set of related images and messages. One specific and extremely effective version of the series application is telling your brand story.

What, Exactly, Is A Brand Story?

A brand story is a complex marketing message that goes beyond what you make and who it's for, though those elements are certainly part of the whole. Marketing consultant, Simon Sinek, explained, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." Conveying that "why" to your prospects and customers in a way that strikes them as authentic and relatable is a challenge, and one of the most popular solutions in today's marketing world is the brand story. A well-developed brand story creates an emotional connection on some level, and it serves to build brand loyalty and value. That sense of value and loyalty causes exponential growth in your brand reach and recognition as people who experience a connection to your brand story go out and share it among their contacts.

How Do Banner Stands Fit In?

The reason it's called a brand "story" is the way it's presented. It borrows from the foundational principles of fiction writing to present a factual story in a way that leads the audience to a deeper connection and understanding than more conventional self-promotional copywriting can. One of the fiction writing principles brand stories use most extensively is "show, don't tell." Banner stands are an outstanding medium for telling a visual story because they display large graphics, close to eye level, and when you design them effectively, viewers will view the series like pages in a book, except they'll take in the impression almost instantly, with no active participation like page-turning.

Effective Banner Stand Design For Storytelling

The strength of vertical banners on stands as a visual medium lies in uncluttered design. Your storytelling campaign will have the greatest impact if you stick as closely as possible to letting your graphics or photos convey the message, instead of words. Beyond that, the way you design depends on the story you have to tell, but the net effect should be that the viewer absorbs the meaning in a glance, and is left with a positive and memorable emotional response. Using buyer personas as characters in your visual story helps your audience connect, if your buyer personas are accurately developed, because they represent those people who are viewing your exhibit. Your most likely buyers should find a sense of sameness in at least one of the buyer personas featured as characters in your brand story.

Expert Help With Branding, Brand Storytelling, And Banner Stand Design

How do you tell your brand story with banner stands in Miami? At Skyline South Florida, we've got all the expert advice and professional services Miami exhibitors need to develop a truly effective brand story, and relate that story on a series of vertical banners on banner stands for your trade show display.

Banner Stands Miami
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