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Creative Banner Stands In Fort Lauderdale Attract More Traffic

March 20, 2016

Get Creative To Attract More Traffic With Banner Stands In Fort Lauderdale

By creatively placing their banner stands, Fort Lauderdale exhibitors attract more visitors to their trade show booths. The great thing about banner stands is that they can go anywhere: Indoors, outdoors, on their own, or in a group. That gives you a lot of flexibility in how to use them to bring interested visitors to your booth at trade shows. Skyline Displays makes several types of banner stands, ranging from a basic rectangle to a dual-layer model, and a system that features accessories like literature racks. A single person easily sets up all of Skyline banner stands in minutes. They make a beautiful and convenient alternative to a single-piece booth backwall, but banner stands really prove their worth in creative places outside the booth.
How To Effectively Use Banner Stands Outside The Booth
  • Follow The Coffee – People will be going repeatedly to the locations where coffee is served. Find the coffee, find the people who will be waiting in line to get it. Really, this applies to any food or drink, but most especially the coffee, because people are likely to visit there at least twice a day. They may bring their own food and water, but there's no substitute for fresh, hot coffee.
  • Park It On The Patio – Most convention centers have some kind of patio or outdoor seating area, so people can go outside for a break, catch up on phone messages, or eat lunch in peace. Many also have a designated smoking patio, too. These are places where people will go and stay for a few minutes, so placing your banners there alerts them to your visual branding and message, even if they haven't made it to your section of the floor, yet.
  • Look For The Loo – Even if someone has brought their own food and water and doesn't drink coffee, smoke, or like to sit outdoors, they're going to go looking for the restroom at some point – probably a few times. Place banner stands on the way to the restrooms and sooner or later, everyone at the show will see them.
  • Announce Your News – Use banner stands to announce special events at your booth. Are you hosting a celebrity spokesperson? Having a special product demo or giveaway? Unveiling something new? Use banners to let people know what's happening, when it's going to happen, and your specific location.
Pull It All Together With Skyline Banner Stands
For trade show banner stands, Fort Lauderdale exhibitors turn to Skyline Displays to get expert advice on marketing strategies and custom graphics. Skyline banner stands offer easy portability and set-up. Our premium-quality retractable banners are UV-protected and come in a cartridge that protects your banner when not in use and can be installed on a stand base in seconds. Contact us online or call us at 954-963-0002 to learn how Skyline can help your business boost its traffic using banner stands. Fort Lauderdale companies depend on the total solutions and worldwide support of Skyline Displays.

Banner Stands Fort Lauderdale
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