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Discover 5 Practical Ways Your Company Can Use Banner Stands

July 07, 2017

Discover 5 Practical Ways Your Company Can Use Banner Stands

There are so many valuable uses for banner stands. They look professional whether on display at a trade show or featured at another type of event. Both light in weight and able to pack small, their portability makes them easy to use. These displays can be easily set up in a short amount of time, without the need for special tools. Below, we will share different ways that you can take advantage of these versatile displays.

#1 - Provide Information

One of the most basic uses of banner stands is to communicate information. They can be put almost anywhere and can feature engaging graphics, making them a great resource to convey information to people passing by. Tell people how to register for a contest. Describe a new product. Describe the services offered by your company. There is no limit to what can be communicated through these effective displays.

#2 - Guide Foot Traffic

There are countless different places and events where foot traffic needs to be directed. Banner stands can help guide individuals in the right direction, whether at conferences, sporting events, business lobbies, or shopping malls. These effective displays can also be used to encourage attendees to visit your trade show exhibit.

#3 - Advertise A Promotion On Social Media Using Banner Stands

Social media provides a huge platform for companies to interact with their audience on a whole new level. That is why so many companies today are taking advantage of social media to host promotions and contests. Portable displays are great tools to advertise these kinds of contests and promotions. Feature the perfect combination of engaging images and effective text, including a special hashtag that is easy to remember. This will lead more people to interact with you on social media.

#4 - Promote The Latest Product

Banners are great tools for launching or promoting the latest product. What better way to get the word out about newly released products? Engaging graphics and images will help capture the attention of potential customers passing by, whether at a business, shopping mall, or trade show. When promoting new products, be sure to feature images of the product and how it is used. This gives potential customers the opportunity to see the product and become somewhat familiar with it. The display can also include basic information about the item, answering potential questions that people may have. Ideally, the individual is then drawn to find out more about the company and ultimately make a purchase. 

#5 - Introduce A Marketing Strategy

Not only can banners be used to launch products, but they can also be used for introducing new marketing strategies. Take advantage of banners the next time your company is taking a fresh marketing approach or coming out with a new slogan. Banners can help you build buzz by allowing individuals to see the look, style, and message of the new marketing campaign. Creating a fleet of banner stands is a powerful way to build buzz and create a noticeable presence in the industry. 

These are just a few examples of how to use portable trade show systems enhance your brand.

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