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Dos And Don'ts Of Customizing Banner Stands For Your Brand

September 19, 2016

Dos And Don'ts Of Customizing Banner Stands For Your Brand

Banner stands offer an effective means to communicate a message, increase exposure to your branding and products, attract traffic to your booth, promote a special, or to create a something that people will want to share with their followers on social media. Banner stands have become trade show staples through their simplicity, flexibility, and portability. There are some really good ways to customize banner stands for your brand, and some tempting pitfalls that can pull your message and marketing efforts off track, too. We've got some ways you can avoid common mistakes, and create effective banners that represent your brand individuality and will attract (positive) attention from visitors at trade shows.
  • Simplicity Speaks Volumes - It's an all-too-common mistake to pack too much information into a single banner, or to put too many banner stands together, so they actually detract from each other. Keep banner designs simple and "bite-sized," so that it makes an impression on the viewer without them even having to think about it. Start with a large, high-resolution graphic image, and add your logo near the top. Keep the text to a bare minimum, in a heavy font that can be easily read from a distance, and surrounded by ample white space. If visitors need to stop to read the text, you have too many words on your banner. Similarly, if you include too many images, viewers may feel overwhelmed and reject your message entirely.
  • Creative Consistency - Don’t let a creative design idea pull you off track. You can be creative, but you need to do so in ways that don't dilute your visual branding or present a message that is not in keeping with the tone and style of your branding package. Developing a recognizable brand takes consistency, so it's important that certain elements like your logo remain unchanged, and that other elements retain some of their familiar traits. For example, you might change the color of your text as long as you stick with the familiar font, or vice versa, but changing both font and color dilutes the visual branding too far.
  • The Internet Never Forgets - If increasing your social media exposure is part of your trade show marketing plan, customized banner stands can help you make a share-worthy experience for visitors. Designing a banner with a funny, weird, or profound image and message often attracts attention and encourages sharing, but be careful. First, be sure the concept you're considering is in keeping with your brand image, and second, think carefully about whether your concept has the potential to backfire on social media and damage your credibility.

Let Skyline Customize Banner Stands For Your Brand

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Customize banner stands for your brand
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