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Five Ways To Maximize Impact With Pop Up Displays In Fort Lauderdale

June 22, 2015

At Skyline Miami, we know that live marketing success comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, literally! However, we also recognize that many of our clients (at least initially) don't know that. When it comes to effectively commanding attention, they don't have to invest in a full-sized exhibit. For many small to mid-sized organizations looking to maximize event impact, pop up displays in Fort Lauderdale are the perfect exhibit solution.
Tips For Making Sure Your Pop Up Displays In Fort Lauderdale Achieve Optimal ROI
The first tip to making sure you have pop up displays that are ready to captivate any sized crowd is to partner with the right design team. Creating memorable marketing missives on smaller exhibits requires careful strategizing and impeccable execution. When screening through prospective design teams, it's important to get a feel for their customization capabilities. Many providers will want to pigeon hole your staff into a one-size-fits-all final look and layout. However, template strategies are a surefire way to blend into the background inside a crowded venue. Instead, look for an experienced team that understands how to customize your pop up displays in Fort Lauderdale based on your specific marketing objectives, so your brand truly stands out from the masses.
Once you've found the right design team, there are three crucial tips to consider throughout the design process. One key component that many business owners overlook is the font size used in their exhibit. Yes, your portable exhibits are small, but that doesn't mean you should instantly opt for a small or smallish font. Using at least a 4-inch font will ensure that your marketing message gets the attention that it deserves.
What is another common mistake when creating pop up displays in Fort Lauderdale? Trying to incorporate several graphics throughout the exhibit. At Skyline Miami, we often suggest using just one, high-quality image in the exhibit. Using a crisp, high resolution graphic is the perfect way to grab attention and entice onlookers to stop inside your booth for more information about what your organization has to offer.
Also, when working through the design process, it's important to always consider the lighting used throughout the exhibit. Even smaller booths and stands need appropriate lighting strategies to make your brand messaging stand out. A quality firm will have the talent and experience needed to create the right lighting ambience that showcases your brand, without overwhelming it.
Maintaining Your Pop Up Displays In Fort Lauderdale Is Important For Longevity
The design of the exhibit itself isn't the only thing to consider when strategizing ROI with your pop up displays in Fort Lauderdale. The care and maintenance of the exhibit are also critical components to you overall success. Over time, any type of exhibit can start to look dusty and dirty. It's important to know how to clean the stand as well as understand what type of products are okay to use on your exhibit.
Finally, knowing how to properly pack up your exhibits can also have an impact on overall success. After each show, carefully roll up and fold various components for packing. Having everything packed away properly will mean they will be wrinkle and damage free for the next event.
Are you tired of one-size-fits-all display options? Want to hear more about our custom pop up displays in Fort Lauderdale?

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