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Four Ways To Build Relationships With Your Pop-Up Displays In Fort Lauderdale

August 24, 2015

Four Ways To Build Relationships With Your Pop-Up Displays In Fort Lauderdale

Do you ever get the feeling that guests at your pop-up displays in Fort Lauderdale just aren't listening to your sales pitch? It's probably because they aren't. While you may feel tempted to turn on a full-court pitch with every guest that wanders into your exhibit, you and your team should reconsider sharpening up your overall execution. Ultimately, the endgame of using pop-up displays as part of your marketing strategy isn't about pitching; it's about partnering. Taking the time to build a relationship with potential clients and customers who visit your pop-up displays in Fort Lauderdale will yield better return on investment at every trade show.

How To Connect With Your Audience In A Meaningful Way

How can you switch from pitching to partnering? Following a few simple steps and tips can help ease the transition for you and your staff:
Listen More: Many exhibitors don't realize that they do all of the talking at their pop-up displays and none, or very little of the listening. This may seem uncomfortable at first for sales people; however, training your team to speak less and listen more can help them pinpoint the needs of every guest, rather than wasting time with the same sales pitch, no matter what the requirements of the visitor.
Ask Questions With Long-Term Purpose: Yes, you and your team will be talking less; however, when you do speak, make sure you speak with purpose. Once again, a static, stale sales pitch is not the way to fill up your time as speaker. Instead, prep your team to ask insightful, relevant questions. Pertinent inquiries will not only help them understand the needs of potential buyers, they can also help identify visitors who are not prospective clients. This way your team won't waste precious time pitching to someone who has no intention of ever using your products or services.
Give Guests A Reason To Visit: This holds true for both prospective and current customers. Existing clients may not consider stopping into your pop-up displays in Fort Lauderdale simply because they feel like they know everything about your organization. Likewise, guests who don't know your business may miss you in the masses of competition also exhibiting at the event. Give everyone a reason to stop in and see what you are all about; offer an exciting contest/giveaway, host a seminar, offer a keynote speech or even hold a live product demonstration to encourage the crowd to check out your offerings.
Follow Up: Perhaps the best way to develop a long-term relationship with the visitors to your pop-up displays in Fort Lauderdale is to follow up with them after the show has ended. Many exhibitors rock the showroom floor only to never reconnect with the guests at their booth. Create a thoroughly outlined plan that includes a strategic follow-up on every valid lead. Periodically reconnecting with your new contacts can help them establish a relationship with your organization that has long-term staying power.
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