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How To Design Dazzling DIY Display Booths

June 16, 2016

How To Design Dazzling DIY Display Booths

When it comes to trade show displays, the range of options available to exhibitors is simply overwhelming. It's hard to know where to start and easy to start down a path -- "Oh, this is cool! We can add just one more thing, right?" -- that leads to total budget annihilation. In truth, though, your company doesn't need to invest in a giant structural exhibit to make a big impact. Whether you're just starting out in trade show marketing, or you want to minimize expenses like freight, drayage, and installation and dismantle (I&D), DIY display booths can be every bit as effective as they are economical, with some smart design and planning.
  • Portable Display - Consider using portable display units as the basis for your DIY exhibits. These are lightweight pieces, engineered to pack down as small as possible for easy transport and for tool-free set-up by one or two people. Skyline's portable display lines include a wide range of styles and functions: Tabletop displays, banner stand systems that can be used to create a graphic backwall and pack into a hard-side case that can double as a table in your booth; inflatable tower displays; pop-up systems; and accessories to support multimedia displays or tablet-based interactive displays. All of these pieces display your custom graphics to support your unique branding and message, even on rental pieces.
  • Don't Drown Your Own Message Out - One common mistake in DIY display booths is trying to use the exhibit to pump out too much message. In the context of marketing, people respond more strongly to images than they do to words. Choose an image or a few images that your target buyers will respond to, and pair them with one central message in text. Don't get heavy-handed with adding additional text about your product's benefits; if you've got more than three benefits spelled out in writing, it's time to pare down. The most elegant designs are the simplest.
  • Minimalist Merchandising -The idea of "less is more" also applies to merchandising and demo products. People are going to be most attractive to things that are innovative, shiny, moving, or unusual. If you bring one of each product in your catalog to display, chances are good that visitors will end up overlooking some of your best items because the display will overload their vision. It's a fine balance. If you have too few products, people will walk on by, but if your products are competing with each other for visitors' attention, it has an effect similar to a room full of yappy little dogs. Create spotlight positions for your most attention-grabbing things, then decide how and where to display additional products in an eye-catching way: One great idea is to use unexpected materials in your display. If you have products that are important but not very exciting (like refills or replacement parts), those don't necessarily need to be on display at all.

Skyline Has Everything You Need To Build A Brilliant DIY Display Booth

Whether you are working on a tabletop display or an island, Skyline has all the durable, portable pieces you'll need to create an impressive and effective exhibit that your team can easily move and assemble on their own. From workstations to lighting, and everything in between, exhibitors in Miami depend on Skyline for expert advice and anything else they need for a dazzling DIY display booth.

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