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How To Design Effective Trade Show Displays In Miami

November 20, 2014

Perhaps you are just starting out in the world of trade shows and exhibiting. Maybe you have done it before but you are looking for some fresh ideas for designing trade show exhibits and displays that will attract the attention of your audience. Perhaps you are in need of trade show services such as design and art production services. Maybe you are part of a large corporation or you own a small business. Whatever the case may be, below we will discuss principles that can help you effectively design trade show displays in Miami.
Present Your Brand Consistently
The first principle that is essential when designing trade show displays in Miami is to express your brand consistently. You need to have a solid understanding of who your company is as well as the kind of audience you are trying to reach. This idea of brand management is of utmost importance, whether your company is a multi-million dollar corporation or a brand-new startup. Presenting your brand consistently over time will define your identity, build recognition, and create preferences. When designing trade show displays in Miami, you must begin by thinking through the filter of consistent branding.
Design Your Display To Demonstrate Your Product
In terms of exhibiting, few things are more effective than allowing your audience to experience your product firsthand. When designing trade show displays in Miami, it is important to keep this in mind. Ask yourself how you can design your display in such a way that allows you to authentically demonstrate your product. The goal is to create a situation in which people experience your product in a scenario that is as close to reality as possible. For example, if your product is make-up or accessories, design your display in such a way that people feel like they are trying out this product in their own home. Use mirrors and bathroom style lighting to create an authentic scenario for visitors to sample your product.
Choose Lightweight, Compact Display Components
One thing that some exhibitors fail to consider when designing trade show displays in Miami is how much it is going to cost to store, ship, and transport their displays once they are completed. It is wise to choose lightweight display components that condense into as few bags as possible. Not only will this make exhibiting more convenient, but it will also save your company money on storage and shipping.
Determine A Messaging Pyramid
If your company has multiple product lines, you must strategize to determine a messaging hierarchy. When you are designing trade show displays in Miami, you must consider how you are going to link those product lines to the greater, overarching brand. Many companies use signage to establish an umbrella relationship between the brand and the range of products it represents. Linking your display and product to the overarching brand will ultimately provide you with greater brand recognition. This gives you more credibility in the eyes of trade show attendees. They are more likely to visit your booth and check out your product or service if they recognize the brand your product or service is associated with.
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