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Inflatable Trade Show Exhibits Open New Possibilities

February 20, 2017

Inflatable Trade Show Exhibits Open New Possibilities

If your company has been looking for a way to create a larger display with more visual impact, without larger costs for freight, drayage, and Install & Dismantle (I&D), inflatable display may be the solution you've been wanting. Skyline's Windscape inflatable line includes 46 standard shapes you can use alone, in combination with other Windscape pieces, or integrate them into another Skyline system. The large, high-quality pieces come wrapped in your custom graphics, so no matter which pieces you want to use, you'll end up with a uniform look, tailored to represent your brand image.
  • Portable - Pack a ten-foot backwall into a carry-on case your team can take on their flight with them, or a 16-foot inflatable tower into a standard suitcase that can be checked as luggage on a flight, or easily transported in any passenger car. Once your team arrives, all they have to do is connect and activate the inflator to the unpacked Windscape piece, and it will be ready to go in minutes.
  • Versatile - With a wide range of shapes and sizes available, you've got a lot of flexibility in how you use inflatable pieces in your exhibit. Create an island center, suspend the lightweight shapes from the ceiling, create a high-impact inline booth, or, if you need a conference room, that's also an option. Even for outdoor events, you'll find these inflatables sturdy enough to stand in for a truss system in many cases. If your exhibit size changes from one show to the next, you'll appreciate the ability to add components for larger displays and easily re-adjust for smaller spaces when you need, while always presenting a professional and unified image. Whatever you have in mind, Windscape gives you large, high-quality graphics and easy configuration and set-up with reduced costs.
  • Tech-Friendly - If you think using inflatable exhibit materials means you'll have to sacrifice multimedia capabilities, you're in for a surprise! The Windscape projection wall works with a short-throw rear projector, so your visitors won't see the projector and the set-up takes up less of your valuable floor space. The screen surround can be custom-branded, so it blends seamlessly into the rest of your exhibit for a polished appearance. For flat-screen presentations, which work well in smaller spaces, the Windscape monitor mount holds a monitor weighing up to 50 pounds (which is quite a large monitor, in most cases!), placing the center of the screen at a height of 67 inches: near eye level for most people.

Skyline Trade Show Exhibits Put More Options In Reach

Fort Lauderdale exhibitors turn to Skyline Miami for expert advice on how to create a high-impact display that works within their logistical and budget constraints. We've got everything your company needs to build the impressive trade show exhibit you've ben wishing for.

Fort Lauderdale Trade Show Exhibits
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