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Measuring ROI Of Table Top Displays At Caribbean Events

October 16, 2014

Businesses today like to ensure that their marketing dollars are being spent in the most effective way possible. Gone are the days when companies blindly spent money on big marketing initiatives without evaluating the fruit of those investments. With the development of scientific methods to measure marketing returns, marketing managers today are more accountable than ever before. Therefore, marketers do their best to estimate the return on investment of every marketing dollar. Trade show products are a great example of an initiative that companies invest into and therefore need to measure the returns of. There are many different kinds of trade show products, including island exhibits, modular inline exhibits, and portable display systems. Below, we will discuss the idea of measuring the marketing ROI of portable display systems such as table top displays at Caribbean trade shows.
Measuring Return On Marketing Investment
Marketers are continuously honing the science of measuring return on investment. Marketing ROI is the net return from an investment divided by the costs of the investment. Therefore, marketing ROI estimates the profits resulting from investments in marketing initiatives, such as table top displays at Caribbean expos.
Unlike financial return on investment, marketing ROI is not necessarily black and white. Therefore, marketing returns can be complicated to measure. There is definitely an element of estimation involved in measuring the marketing returns on the advertising impact of your table top displays at Caribbean events.
One way companies can measure return on marketing investment is in terms of standard marketing performance measures, including sales, market share, and brand recognition. For example, you can use sales and share data to assess advertising initiatives. Perhaps your study will show you that a specific advertising initiative using table top displays in Caribbean countries resulted in an increase of the product's trial rate and repeat purchase. In other situations, your study may lead you to the conclusion that the impact of an advertising campaign on sales and product trials was not worth the cost of the campaign.
Another method companies can use to measure return on marketing investment is customer-centered measures of marketing impact. These measures consist of things like improved customer satisfaction, increased customer attraction, increased customer retention, and increased customer lifetime value.  
Regardless of the method that is used to measure return on marketing investment, the most important thing is that companies do their best to measure it at all. This will provide them with valuable insight on where to continue investing marketing dollars, and what initiatives simply are not profitable.
The beauty of using table top displays at Caribbean expos is that they are extremely versatile. If a company measures the return on marketing investment of a marketing campaign and determines the campaign was not successful, that company can easily change the marketing campaigns featured on their table top displays. Trade show service providers offer valuable services such as high-quality design and custom in-house graphics that make it easy for companies to change marketing directions when desired. Another benefit of using table top displays at Caribbean events is that these systems are lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to set up. This makes it possible for companies to transport their displays to different venues and see which locations result in greater ROI.
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