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Need Customized Banner Stands At Caribbean Events? Follow These Six Simple Tips

March 19, 2015

At Skyline Miami, we often work with businesses that want to use customized banner stands at Caribbean events. These corporate leaders recognize that banner stands are far more than exhibit accessories. When expertly designed, banner stands offer staying power and truly propel any brand ahead of the competition.
Working With Skyline Miami For A Superior Banner Stand That Captivates And Compels
If you're ready to include banner stands as part of your live marketing approach, design is a key factor to consider for ultimate success. Whether you're using the stand as part of an existing exhibit, or using your sign as a standalone booth, having the right design and layout can instantly set your company apart from the competition. At Skyline Miami, our team of trade show marketing specialists work with every client to create corporate signs that command attention and yield the best results possible.
When working with Skyline Miami, we follow six important tips when creating our banner stands.
Create a brand identity: Using your brand identity throughout your live marketing resources is a must; your corporate banner stands are no exception. We will work with you to include your brand color scheme and tagline. This will create a marketing impact that your visitors will always associate with your business. And if you don't have a tagline yet, it's time to brainstorm one, stat!
Pinpoint the right copy: As an established business, you probably have an extensive collection of marketing material. While your print or online marketing copy is definitely critical, most of it probably isn't relevant when creating corporate signs. Work through the material you have to pinpoint the most noticeable and concise points to include in your final product.
Prioritize your points: Once you've decided on the most relevant bullets to include, it's time to go through them all again and put them in order or importance. This will help you know which ones to put on your sign first. This may even help you further eliminate copy.
Go for eye-level: Now that you've narrowed down your copy, the team at Skyline Miami can help you effectively place your biggest selling points. Placing the most significant information at eye level is a proven way to maximize marketing impact.
Include high quality graphics: Of course, copy isn't the only thing you should include in your banner stands; you should also utilize high quality, professional images and graphics as well. Whenever possible use graphics in conjunction to copy for a greater return on your investment.
Place contact information: Contact information should never get prime real estate on your stand; however, it should be strategically placed on your sign. At Skyline Miami, we can work with you to find the right location for important information such as phone numbers, website addresses and even social media pages so prospective clients can contact you after the event has ended.
For more information on our comprehensive line of trade show marketing resources, contact Skyline Miami today.

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