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Pop Up Displays Make For Perfect Trade Show Booths

May 18, 2017

Pop Up Displays Make For Perfect Trade Show Booths

If you regularly attend trade shows, you are aware of how the venue has changed. Professionals in many industries enjoy the learning and networking opportunities that these events offer, but often opt for regional meetings rather than larger national expos. With lower travel costs and reduced travel times, companies can send more people to more events for a day than they could justify spending to send a fewer number of people to an out of town meeting. To accommodate this growing use of regional meetings by organizations that sponsor shows, even as they still hold their normal events, exhibitors minimize their show preparation, shipment, and setup time with pop up displays.

Pop Up Displays Are Easy Travelers

Unlike larger, bulkier booths, pop up displays make going from large and small venues easy. Available in tabletop sizes, as well as larger sizes to fill a standard 10 by 10 booth space or larger, this type of setup can come and go with you in one wheeled case. With setup time of under 10 minutes on many models, you can easily do one- or two-day events without having to extend your stay in order to take care of the booth preparation. Even if you have a much larger display for major shows, you can have everything you need to make a great appearance at a regional meeting packed in one suitcase-like container.

Why Regional Shows Work

There are many reasons why these more compact presentation devices work just as well as more cumbersome units, especially for regional shows. In a market such as pharmaceuticals or medical devices, attendees flock to booths at local meetings because they want product information, and have an interest in the products, or an interest in seeing a specific demo. Attendees are there to learn, not just collect giveaways and visit with old friends.

Research suggests that:

  • 62% of visitors said they "learned something new or different"
  • 48% of pharma visitors and 53% of device exhibit visitors say they are "more inclined to use, prescribe, or recommend, or buy products" seen at exhibits - especially if they learned something
  • 90% of pharma visitors and 66% of device exhibit or visitors reported "in the booth having a meaningful discussion with the rep"

This is true even though 8% of pharmaceutical visitors and 35% of device exhibit visitors said they were not immediately engaged by booth staff.

"Small" Works For Learning

This type of learning does not require a huge exhibit space. While there is an advantage to having floor real estate at a large expo so that large numbers of attendees can move around to different parts of the display, this is not so important at more localized meetings, where total attendance is smaller. Booth staff can easily engage those who come to the booth in a smaller space.

Considering how much learning takes place these days via small devices such as tablets, information loses nothing in translation even when presented in tabletop-sized pop up displays. This type of presentation arrangement can accommodate a laptop or tablet or two. Some pop up units even feature a case that can be converted to a table that also contains a wiring port for equipment.

When planning for a great regional event, don't let the reduced scale of your exhibit hold you back from making a great impression on guests. Pop up displays fit the bill for local shows and beyond.

Known for its innovative pop up displays in Fort Lauderdale and beyond, Skyline South Florida & The Caribbean offers exhibitors an effective way to make a presence at shows, while minimizing shipping costs and setup times. To see island, modular, and pop up designs, visit http://www.skyline-sfl.com/.

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