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Pop-Up Exhibit Rentals: Maximum Impact, Minimum Effort

November 18, 2016

Pop-Up Exhibit Rentals Give Maximum Impact For Minimum Effort

Pop-up exhibits have come a long way from the days when they were built on fragile, rickety aluminum frames, and usually featured wrinkled, light-duty fabric with poor print quality and no sun protection. Today's premium pop-ups are durable and convenient, with smart features like easy-snap connectors or self-locking frames, up-coated fabric, and top-quality printing, so even when the graphics are backlit, the images and text are crisp and the colors bold and true.
  • Cost Savings - Pop-up exhibits are a great value to begin with, because you save money on freight, drayage, and I&D services. Skyline's pop-ups pack down into a convenient rolling case, which fits into a passenger car, or it can be checked as luggage on the flight with your booth team. The tool-free installation is so simple that two people can have your pop-ups installed in minutes. Pop-up exhibits rentals are an even better deal because you're not responsible for storing and maintaining the frames.
  • Frame Types - We offer three types of frames in our most popular pop-up line: Classic, Advantage, and Plus. The Classic frame is flexible fiberglass, which won't crimp or bend, and the frame pops itself into shape when it's unpacked. All you need to do is snap the connectors into place. If you want to save even more time, the Advantage fiberglass frame features magnetic connectors that snap themselves into place when the frame pops up. The Plus frame is made of high-tech carbon fiber, so it's incredibly lightweight and durable. Plus frames also feature self-locking connectors for fast and simple set-up.
  • Display Advantages - Another major advancement in pop-up displays is that they're not longer limited to rectangular shapes and no-frills exhibits. Choose sleek curves, if that suits your brand image, add backlighting or spotlighting, or a backlit bubble panel to highlight your logo or a specific marketing message. Accessories like monitor mounts, shelving and countertops and marquee headers all offer you the flexibility you need to make a big impact at every trade show. Create retail merchandising space, or use a free-standing, double-sided graphics panel to maximize your brand and products' exposure to trade show visitors. You can even use our curved pop-up panels back-to-back to make a centerpiece for an island display; that's a lot of display space. After you've unpacked your displays, the rolling cases serve as tables in your booth, so you don't have to sacrifice space to keep them out of sight. With custom graphic wraps they'll appear as integral parts of your booth design.

Save Time And Money With Pop-Up Exhibit Rentals

Whether your team is exhibiting close to home, or traveling to the Bahamas for an international event, Skyline Miami has everything you need, from premium quality materials to design and graphics support, to create an impressive and effective display with pop-up exhibit rentals. Save time, save hassles, leave a big impression!

Pop-Up Exhibit Rentals
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