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Save Money By Using The Best Trade Show Marketing Tips

July 20, 2016

Best Trade Show Marketing Tips: Shrink Your Expenses By Planning Ahead

When your company is planning its trade show schedule, you can build in significant cost savings by planning ahead. Often, businesses want to postpone their expenses as long as possible, and, in doing so, miss out on opportunities that can save a lot of money. Planning trade show exhibits a year in advance allows you to train your booth staff adequately and plan their workloads so their absence from the office doesn't cause a bottleneck in your workflow; it gives you time to mount an effective pre-show marketing campaign; and it gives you time to find the best deals on some critical items.

•    The Early Bird Gets More Than Just The Worm - Almost all trade shows offer a discount for early booking. In many cases, you'll also get preference in choosing your exhibit space, additional space outside your booth, and inclusion on panels and in public demo spaces. Be careful to meticulously track the various deadlines for the shows you want to attend, so you don't miss any opportunities for premium space or exposure. Once your appearances are approved, you can use this information to make your pre-show marketing campaign as effective and far-reaching as possible.
•    Slash Travel Expenses - Once your space is booked and your staffing planned, you can continue saving money by booking flights, hotels, rental vehicles, and anything else your team needs to get to the show. Don't be tempted by the extra-low prices of non-refundable fares and rates, unless those reservations are transferrable. Anything that is specific to one particular person (like airline tickets) needs to be refundable because you're planning far in advance, life happens to all of us, and you may need to make changes as the show draws nearer. If the hotel where you want your team to stay has no-penalty cancellations, book one room more than you think you will need, just in case, and if it turns out that you don't need the extra space, make sure to cancel the reservation before you lose your deposit; it's easy to forget small things like that when you've got a show barreling down on you!
•    Buy In Bulk - For certain shows, your marketing plan may call for literature and give-away items that include information specific to that show. Think hard about whether you really need to customize for a specific show or date those items, though, because they can cost you more in the end than you realize. Whenever possible, order literature and giveaways in bulk, in batches as large as your budget allows, up to a full year's worth. By the time you return to a given show the following year, you're going to want new material for best impression, so don't get carried away ordering!

Take Advantage Of The Best Trade Show Marketing Tips

Skyline has plenty of helpful advice for planning your trade show exhibits to take advantage of every opportunity to save money without cutting corners, and experienced consultant to help with everything from booth design to logistics.

Best trade show marketing tips
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