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Skyline Portable Displays at Caribbean Trade Shows

May 18, 2016

With Skyline Portable Displays, Caribbean Trade Show Logistics Are Easy And Affordable

When your business decides to take the plunge into international trade shows, it's a big step for your brand reach and for your prospects! It can also be a challenge to figure out how to get your team and exhibit there in a way that doesn't blow the budget. You want to make a big impression, but shipping, drayage, and installation costs is a foreign country can add up fast. With portable display options like Windscape from Skyline, you'll find plenty of choices for making an impressive exhibit that can be transported as luggage on your team's flight.

Skimp On Space And Weight, Not On Dazzle

Windscape is a line of inflatable display pieces that offer an astounding array of options, all of which can be packed down into containers small enough to travel on a passenger plane with your team. Installation couldn't be easier, and it's done in minutes. Your team can install any Windscape piece except the ceiling-hung structures without professional help. Unpack, inflate, situate, accessorize, and done. What kind of exhibit can you build with Windscape? The options are pretty amazing.
  • Backwalls - Windscape's standard-height, 10-foot backwall features your custom graphics on a graceful curved wall. It packs into a carry-on sized suitcase, and one person can inflate and install it in about five minutes.
  • Towers - The Windscape line includes inflatable towers in heights ranging up to 16 feet. The 16-foot tower fits into a full-sized suitcase and can also be set up in minutes. Traveling light doesn't mean sacrificing the huge benefits of using a tower display. Your visual branding will be visible from a distance, and attract traffic from all over the room.
  • Multimedia - Inflatable doesn't mean flimsy, at least not where Windscape is concerned. Skyline engineered both a full projection wall and a flat-panel monitor wall mount for the Windscape line. The monitor mount holds up to 50 pounds, while the projection wall gives you the ability to blow visitors away with bigger-than-life multimedia exhibits.
  • Hanging Structures - Ceiling-suspended shapes can be seen from everywhere, and the offer the absolute best exposure for your company's visual branding and location. WIndscape hanging structures come in cylindrical, cubic, and trapezoidal shapes up to 16 feet across, and they're all lightweight and ultra-packable.
  • Conference Rooms - Yes, you can even bring a conference room! These don't fit into a suitcase, but they do fold down into a lightweight flat pack that two people can install in minutes. The room is built as a single piece, so you don't need to do any assembly work, and your custom graphics are already in place. Several sizes and designs are available, including a full-size 10-foot conference room.

With Windscape Portable Displays, Caribbean Trade Show Exhibitors Have It Easy!

Your company's trade show team may be roaming farther from home, but they can still put out a display every bit as polished and effective as if they were staying local. For more ideas on trade show marketing abroad, or for help designing your own Windscape portable displays, Caribbean trade show exhibitors can contact Skyline South Florida/Caribbean online or by phone at 954-963-0002. We offer complete solutions for trade show exhibitors, from design to marketing strategy, and graphics to logistics.

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