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Tabletop Displays Offer Flexibility And Ease

January 20, 2017

Table Top Displays Offer Exhibitors Flexibility, Value, And Simplicity

Whether you're planning to exhibit at a trade fair or a sporting event, a trade show or a concert venue, there are times where a tabletop display is the right choice for your exhibit. They also make things easy on your booth team when they need to travel. Skyline's inflatable Windscape system features a tabletop display that folds down into a backpack that can be stowed under an airplane seat or in the overhead bin as a carry-on. The Regatta system tabletop is ultra-lightweight and travels in a compact case for easy handling.
  • Fast & Painless Set-Up - With a tabletop display, you'll be ready for visitors in minutes, without breaking a sweat or even opening a toolbox. The Windscape tabletop comes with its own electric inflator. Just unpack the display, connect and start the inflator and it's ready to be placed on your table in short order. The Regatta tabletop features a shock-corded frame, so you won't even need to figure out how the pieces go together. Just snap each piece to its cord-neighbor and the sturdy frame is ready to rock. Slip the pillowcase-style fabric cover over the frame, and you're done.
  • Graphics On The Flip Side - Because Regatta and Windscape's tabletop displays both offer space for double-sided graphics, you have two opportunities to impress visitors with your big, bold images. The premium-quality fabric is printed in bold, true color with crisp, clean text, so your message is clear and your brand is recognizable, even at a distance.
  • Spotlight Your Message - The Regatta tabletop offers optional halogen lighting or energy-efficient CMH lights to help draw even more attention to your exhibit, from a greater distance. The lights clip to the frame and each light can be aimed toward either graphic surface, so both sides can be in the spotlight and attracting the eyes of visitors. The lights also install quickly without tools, so you can spend your time roaming the area as a brand ambassador.
  • Flexibility - A well-trained team with an effectively designed tabletop display can be a powerful combination at any event. When your tabletop isn't in use at as a trade show exhibit, though, you don't need to relegate it to the storage closet with the outdated computers and the dust bunnies. Put it in your lobby, waiting area, or conference room where it can continue boosting your visual branding and brand messaging. It's also a useful component in a larger exhibit when you want a larger trade show display booth.

Tabletop Displays Are Smart Exhibit Tools

Skyline South Florida has everything Miami exhibitors need to design and produce exhibits ranging from portable tabletop displays to towering two-story structures. Whether your company is interested in purchase or customized rental, our design consultants will help you create the exhibit you need to represent your image and achieve your marketing goals, while staying on budget.

Tabletop Displays Miami
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