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Take-Aways From Trade Show Displays At EXHIBITORLIVE 2017

April 20, 2017

Take-Aways From Trade Show Displays At EXHIBITORLIVE 2017

At the 2017 EXHIBITORLIVE show in Las Vegas, more than 6,000 visitors gathered to see what the most successful and innovative trade show marketers had to offer. It’s a show where 99 percent of the attendees have the power to sign a purchase order, and 61 percent of those decision-makers actually made purchases. Unsurprisingly, the exhibitors go all-out to compete for the attention and marketing budgets of those visitors. It’s a great place to wander the exhibits and gather ideas for designing a trade show display. Here are some of the best take-aways:

  • Light And Height - Whether it’s tall walls, towers or ceiling-suspended components, Building a trade show display the rises above the standard eight foot mark is a sure way to grab attention from a greater distance, and enhance your brand exposure. Creating a lightscape that sets the right mood for your exhibit and draws attention to key messages and products is another smart choice because it not only attracts traffic, but it also helps your booth team lead visitors through your exhibit by drawing their eye along a sales funnel toward conversion.
  • Lead Capture Technology - As the price of RFID have come down, most trade shows now routinely use RFID badges for attendees. By building lead capture technology like Skyline’s inTouch system into your trade show display, you not only collect accurate contact information for more leads, but also data on how those visitors interacted with your content and team, and analytics on how each media component in your exhibit performed overall. Create interactive experiences for use on your team’s tablets or on a video table or wall display, and a custom-graphic skin on navigation tabs, so your visitors see a unified, branded look as they view your virtual product demos and digital brochures.
  • Award-Winning Calm - Skyline’s Japanese Zen garden-themed exhibit won Best in Show for the Large Booth category at this year’s EXHIBITORLIVE show. This exhibit took a less-common approach to attracting traffic; it was designed as a calm spot in the middle of the frenzy. In addition to the naturalistic look of the 20-foot tall exhibit, visitors were captivated with the life-like digital koi pond placed near the aisle. It generated buzz at the show and on social media, and stimulated visitors’ curiosity to find out what was inside the exhibit. Inside, they found tea, snacks, and a place to sit and enjoy a few minutes of calm. The booth team got a chance to chat with visitors while they enjoyed their little break, and the interactive wall display encouraged them to spend a little longer in the clean, uncluttered space while absorbing more marketing touches.

Innovative Trade Show Display For Fort Lauderdale Exhibitors

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