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Using Table Top Displays In Fort Lauderdale? Follow These Tips For Ultimate Event Success

February 16, 2015

At Skyline Miami, we work with Fort Lauderdale business owners operating in every industry to help create the perfect live marketing solution. One of our most popular options? Table top displays. Fort Lauderdale business owners in every vertical using one of our table top displays can successfully achieve their live marketing goals and objectives. Don't let their smaller size fool you; table top displays in Fort Lauderdale get noticed, no matter where they are set up. Best of all, these portable exhibits not only command attention in large venues, they also successfully go head to head with larger booths and stands.
You'll never have to worry about going unnoticed at an event when using our table top displays in Fort Lauderdale. We partner with our clients to not only create a compelling and visually-provocative final exhibit, but we also help create strategies to effectively enhance the overall presence and vibe of the booth space as a whole.
Key Ways To Broaden The Impact Of Your Table Top Displays In Fort Lauderdale
How can you broaden the impact of your table top displays at Fort Lauderdale live events? The first thing to consider is the surface that your exhibit will rest on during the event. Many business owners overlook the value of dressing up the surface of the exhibit. However, savvy entrepreneurs recognize that this surface is actually invaluable promotional real estate. Work with a firm that specializes in customizing cloths with your business name and brand message on it. Using it on the table can act as a perfect staging piece to help reinforce your overall marketing message.
Of course customized cloths aren't the only form of additional signage you can use during a function; you should also consider incorporating customized banner stands as well. At Skyline, we offer an unparalleled selection of customized banner stands that can be included in any size exhibit to extend brand impact and help build long-lasting marketing momentum.
The height of the table itself can also deliver visual impact during an event. If you're not happy with standard table height, you do have options. Many business owners actually utilize risers as part of their exhibits. Risers give you complete command over the final height of your stand and allow control over the optimal height for best visual results.
Consider Additional Lighting Options For Your Table Top Displays In Fort Lauderdale
Another critical enhancement strategy that many business owners don't consider? Lighting. Many entrepreneurs think that they must use whatever lighting the venue provides throughout the event. This simply isn't the case. At Skyline Miami, we can work with you to create a personalized lighting approach that best showcases your exhibit highlights.
Finally, your employees can have the biggest influence on the impact of your exhibit. Don't settle for letting them "wing it" throughout the function; instead, have them trained and prepared to manage any questions and guests they may encounter for optimal return on investment.
For more information on our award-winning booths, banner stands, and exhibits, contact Skyline Miami today!

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