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February 25, 2015

In the movie,”The Sixth Sense”, the main character had the ability to perceive the unseen world made up of angels, ghosts and auras around us. In reality, we use our 5 senses everyday, and sometimes, we have a subtle perception or spiritual experience, almost having ESP or knowing something is there that you can’t see, touch, hear, smell or other. When it comes to your trade show exhibit, are you incorporating elements to entice these five senses? Even more, what about triggering an emotional appeal or about adding a “sixth” dimension to your trade show exhibit?

Power of the senses: Our 5 senses are how we rationalize what is around us. They are also main triggers to our memories, experiences, likes, dislikes and emotions. When designing your trade show exhibit, incorporating these triggers can help add to the experience for your attendees. The smell of coffee, the taste of chocolate, the feel of smooth silk, the boldness of bright colors and sound of a sweet melody. Bringing more senses to the forefront while engaging with your company, will tie in a more positive experience, memory and association to your brand.

Power of Play off Emotions: When it comes to exhibiting, we want to trigger an emotion within our attendees. The brands and exhibits that often get remembered are the ones who tie in a play off our senses, a memory, and or an emotional experience. By adding another element of marketing like colors, images, and emotional appeal, you are triggering a profound emotion that in the end will help improve brand awareness and conversion. An example is the color blue, which ties into the feeling of trust, dependability and strength. The impact of color within your exhibit can give a sense of emotional tie to your brand. Images can often persuade intentions and tie into feelings that will resonate with your audience. When uses of images, symbols, colors, lighting and visual stimulation is used effectively, this will draw in the right consumers and trigger an emotional connection to your brand.

Sixth sense dimension: Not many of us have a sixth sense, but with all the technology out there today, you can introduce the 3D, 4D or outside of this world dimension through visual stimulation and sound. Many exhibit studios are designing in the 4th dimension in visual elements, interactive games and objects. This is a brilliant way to go outside the box and build creative illusions that expand your audiences experience. What if they could smell, hear, see, touch, taste AND have a journey into the 4th dimension of what your product and or service offers?

If your goal is to increase awareness to your brand and exhibit, why not add a sixth sense to your exhibit? By tying in our five senses, playing off emotions and incorporating a 4th dimension of visual enticement, your exhibit will not only drive in more traffic, but your brand will be remembered long after the show is over.

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