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October 03, 2014


When it comes to exhibit design, many marketers feel they have to go custom from top to bottom in order to get a creative exhibit that will showcase their brand effectively. What exhibitors don’t realize is with all the unique structure elements that make up a fully custom exhibit, components of this display are and can also be rented. The only way something is fully custom is if they took the metal, wood and substrates and built the entire display from scratch. Exhibits are traditionally fabricated to fit your brand, your goals and your show objectives; therefore no two exhibits are alike. However the display itself, the walls, the arches, the overhead signage and other elements could have been used before and are fine-tuned to morph into the display strictly for your brand. If you want a fully custom exhibit from scratch, the price can be over the top, with no guarantee it will do more for your brand than a rental can do.  So why spend more money when you can rent and get the same effect?

Full rental or hybrid exhibits can be just as creative and impactful for you and your company as one created with a hammer and saw. The option is up to you and your budget. We have created amazing exhibits that were full rental and made a huge influence on the clients’ brand, show presence and ROI – without paying the overhead for storage, asset management or having the headache of wear and tear.

Those clients love the ability to contract or expand their exhibits each year, changing out graphics and building solutions based on each show’s goals – all this flexibility without the ownership of exhibit assets. By utilizing solutions that offer a better return, our clients have the ability to reallocate their budget to spend on increasing leads with pre-show marketing campaigns and hospitality for each show. How money is that?

Signing Out,

Gretchen Makela
Director of Marketing

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