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Fun Vs. Functional: Strategizing The Perfect Giveaways At Your Corporate Trade Show Display

October 16, 2014

Setting up a trade show display at any live event provides business owners the opportunity to connect and engage with a large group of prospective consumers in a relatively short period of time. Rather than spinning wheels attempting to connect with your specific targeted client demographic, the venue itself will help deliver potential buyers to your proverbial door (or, in this case, trade show display); you and your team need to show up, set up and be ready to effectively promote and pitch.
Event Giveaways Can Help Your Trade Show Display Stand Out From The Competition
In addition to showing up and setting up, business owners must be prepared to also stand out when working their trade show display. When going up against your industry competition within an enclosed space, it's critical to strategize ways that help your trade show display effectively eclipse those of the opposition. What's a proven tactic to help your booth stand out from the crowd? Incorporate a visitor giveaway of some sort within your exhibit.
For many exhibitors, event giveaways can make a major difference in the overall visitor traffic that they will enjoy at their trade show display. While guests will stop into a visually-compelling trade show display to learn more about an organization, a well thought out freebie strategy can help convince them to stay longer to hear about your company's services and offerings. When creating the giveaway strategy for your trade show display, it's important to consider whether your want your freebie to fall into the fun or functional category.
Choosing The Right Handouts For Your Targeted Consumer Demographics
When strategizing functional items, it's important to not only pinpoint giveaways that the general public may find useful, but also to actually consider merchandise that your specific targeted demographic will consider handy in their day-to-day private and/or corporate lives. Zeroing in on the list of products that will resonate best with your consumer sect improves the odds that your consumers will use your items…and use them often. When brainstorming with your team, consider handouts such as pens, notepads, hand sanitizer, luggage tags, carabiners and even cold beverage koozies. Looking for something a little more expensive to give to guests? Think about higher end tote backs, leather portfolios and even smartphone cases.
Looking for giveaways that have a little bit more flair? Not a problem; once again, it's important to consider merchandise that your company's specific clientele will find festive. Once you identify the types of products that will generate buzz on the showroom floor, work with your team to make a final selection. Fun giveaways for your exhibit include tech items such as thumb drives, electronic readers and even a smartphone giveaway. You may even want to consider other giveaways such as apparel, restaurant gift cards, or event vouchers towards a trip (aka putting the getaway in giveaway).
No matter what your final selected product, be sure to have your logo and company name displayed prominently on each item for maximum marketing return on investment.
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