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August 31, 2014

Too many companies participating in b2b trade shows and events are suffering due to the lack of professionalism and training of their trade show booth staff. They are losing the opportunity to be face-to-face with their key prospects and customers; therefore they need to take advantage of what the human magical element can still deliver in this digital age. So where do you focus your efforts on to guarantee success with your booth staff? Here’s what to concentrate on.
First Impressions: Over 3/4 of what exhibit attendees feel about your company comes from their interaction with your booth staff. This is important to realize when appointing staffers to work your exhibit. Make sure they are polite, engaged, well groomed and an advocate of your brand when speaking to prospective clients.
Staffs Critical role: The booth staff plays a critical role on the show floor, with more power to enhance brand awareness than your booth itself. Staffers highly influence 3 main marketing goals: 1. Enhance brand awareness, 2. Generate sales leads and 3. Build relationships with consumers.
Staff Behaviors: The way your staff performs in your exhibit helps influence results of your event. They need to be approachable, understand how to engage the audience, work the aisles, gather people into the booth, and avoid turning people away by sitting, eating or using their phones. You will be surprised by the quantity and quality leads you obtain by training your staff to have all positive behaviors.
Buy into ROI: Train your staff to capture leads with the ability to qualify onsite for ROI calculations. Also share Marketing Objectives so staffers can survey for ROO to document campaign returns. The more information you can obtain from attendees at the show help you with tailoring a thorough post-show lead fulfillment and contact follow-up plan for sales.
Identify your Consumer: It is important for your staff to be able to identify their target consumer and qualify them onsite. Do they know the right questions to ask, how to profile and generate the right information, how to attract them to the right product or service and how much time to spend with each so they can talk to as many potential clients as possible? This is key to identify prior to any event so your reps are not wasting their time and your investment talking to the wrong kind of consumer. These areas are all important when developing your staff training program. Not everyone will be an influential booth member, therefore being selective on your personnel, making them accountable and training them efficiently in these areas will help you have a more successful outcome of all your Chicago trade shows and events.

Signing Out

Gretchen Makela
Director of Marketing

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