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September 04, 2014

Marketers should understand the need to use a Call to Action (CTA) for their marketing campaigns, promotions, direct mail and advertising; or pretty much any marketing initiative generated to get a response. So what about your trade show or event marketing? What sort of Call to Action are you using to get people to act and show up at your exhibit on the show floor?

A CTA is an image or text used to request visitors to take action, with words like; subscribe, view, register and request. A CTA should be used for your event marketing campaigns regardless if you are giving away a free hand out or promotion. Some people think if they are not giving something away, then they can't ask for action from attendees, prospects and current customers; I disagree.

A trade show is not about your free hand out or promotional giveaway, it is about showcasing your brand and your product/service in the most effective way possible. Think about what value your product/service gives to your consumers, your value prop alone can be your CTA tailored to benefit the client’s needs. An example would be to highlight your onsite techs/engineers or service reps on the show floor to be able to respond to any product/service concerns, problems or issues and help possibly fix onsite, or fill out a problem card in your booth and a tech will call personally after the show. Whatever it is your offering, tangible or non tangible, the value of that offering is important and should be the main attribute of your CTA.

A CTA is just as important within your trade show marketing as it is within your other marketing mediums. You need to get people into your booth, with a clear, direct and effective CTA. “Register for the Show to be the FIRST to see our new product A, B, or C!” or “Click on our link now to schedule a meeting during the show before spots fill up!” With use of your pre-show marketing campaign make sure your CTA stands out, shows urgency, personal attention and action oriented. It can be used regardless of a promotion or giveaway; it is up to you to be clever enough to generate a reason to get them to your booth and then, it's up to your product/service demonstrations to get them to stay there.
Signing Out,

Gretchen Makela
Director of Marketing

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