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5 Reasons (With 44 Examples) Why Envoy Is Skyline’s Most Popular Vancouver Island Exhibit System

November 17, 2019

5 Reasons (With 44 Examples) Why Envoy Is Skyline’s Most Popular Vancouver Island Exhibit System

Why is Envoy® the most popular Skyline Vancouver island exhibit system ever? After talking with hundreds of British Columbia exhibitors, and looking at hundreds of Envoy designs in booth spaces from 400 to 3,000 square feet, I think it’s these five reasons:

  1. Modern look: Envoy’s silver metallic frame seamlessly supports vivid large format fabric graphics (sometimes backlit) with a range of elegant curves, rectilinear shapes, and sharp angles. These custom modular design choices create an upscale look that adapts to the exhibitor’s brand.
  2. “Open and inviting exhibit” is the most-cited design-related reason exhibitors tell Skyline in our research surveys that their exhibit design performed better and boosted their trade show results. Well, “open and inviting” describes Envoy! Envoy creates tall, impressive structures like arches, bridges, and towers that are wide enough to make a big impression and define space, but also allow attendees access into the booth.
  3. Versatile functionality: With a variety of seamlessly attachable matching components such as lighting, shelving, cabinets, workstations, and seating, Envoy towers and arches also function as small meeting stations, demo areas, and alcove conference areas. Plus, many elements can be mounted to Envoy, such as flat screen monitors (with easy, hidden wire management), products, lighting, and decorative elements that define space and promote the exhibitor’s brand.
  4. Integration with other Skyline exhibit systems: As one of over 20 Skyline exhibit systems, Envoy fits many, but not all needs. Other Skyline systems commonly join with Envoy to add dimensional backlit hanging signs and larger walls to create a unique exhibit layout that best fits that exhibitor’s needs.
  5. Modular flexibility and cost savings: While Envoy creates a large presence with its combination of metal extrusions and fabric graphics, its modular engineering lets it pack flat, lower installation costs, and reconfigure into other designs and booth sizes.

With these five reasons, an Envoy island exhibit elegantly promotes your brand in an inviting space that welcomes attendees while supporting your hard-working booth staffers.

Let’s show you some examples to help you visualize these benefits. I’ve gathered 33 Envoy island exhibit examples, divided into 4 sections:

  • 11 Curved and Rounded Envoy Island Exhibit Examples
  • 19 Rectilinear and Angled Envoy Island Exhibit Examples
  • 9 Combined Envoy + Other Skyline System Island Exhibit Examples
  • 5 Notable Envoy Kiosks Examples

11 Curved and Rounded Envoy Island Exhibit Examples

Envoy looks more elegant and sophisticated than most extrusion-based island exhibit systems. Rather than look like metal sticks, Envoy appears to be a finished custom exhibit.  Envoy has a profile that is both minimalistic and substantial: it has just the right amount of visual mass.  The first iteration of Envoy featured curved radius joints and corners that imbued it with a more modern design appeal.  Here are 11 examples.

19 Rectilinear and Angled Envoy Island Exhibit Design Examples

Trade show exhibits are, among many things, a three-dimensional representation of an exhibitor’s brand. And brand is more than just a logo – it’s the personality the company presents in everything they do. So, for some companies with an edgy, techy brand, their exhibit best reflects their spirit with precise corners and eye-catching angles.  Here are 19 examples.

9 Combined Envoy + Other Skyline System Island Exhibit Examples

After the previous 30 examples, you by now have a sense of what Envoy looks like, and can hopefully discern Envoy when is combined with other Skyline systems. The other systems may joint Envoy with larger walls, provide a backlit hanging sign, or add a paneled tower with doors. A few examples are custom-modular hybrids with custom elements such as reception counters. Here are 9 examples.

5 Notable Envoy Kiosks Examples

While many of the previously shown designs also included excellent product merchandising on shelving, these 5 examples simply excel as kiosk, so I wanted to share them with you separately. The final example features kiosks for a tech company – so they use Envoy kiosks to demo their product on large flat screen monitors.

Learn More About Envoy Exhibit System

Now you’ve seen 44 Envoy island exhibits. I hope these examples have demonstrated Envoy’s visual allure, with its modern shapes, flexible design, and its sheer visual stopping power. If you’d like to see more details, click here to request a brochure.

About the Author

James Gray is a Senior Account Director for Skyline BC, which delivers unique, cost-effective and innovative trade show displays to Vancouver and British Columbia marketers.  James uses his experience and customer service focus to help his clients improve their brand representation and manage the high operational cost of exhibiting in Canada and the United States.  Visit Skyline BC’s website at www.skyline.com/vancouver-bc.

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