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Add Big Flat Screen Monitor Impact To Even Your Smallest Trade Show Booths

April 12, 2019

Add Big Flat Screen Monitor Impact To Even Your Smallest Trade Show Booths

We are fortunate to be a member of the Skyline network because we represent the finest line of modular and portable displays and graphics in the trade show industry.

But recently, it was our office that combined Skyline exhibit systems to create something new and extraordinary: A portable banner stand backwall display that also includes a 40 inch flat screen monitor!

This is such a great blend of portable and modular systems that we wanted you to see it, in case you have a similar need to combine tech and portability at an upcoming show.

Myriad® Banner Backwall With Monitor Mount

This 10 foot backwall displays system packs in a single case, that then becomes a table during show hours.  We've combined this ultra-portable backwall with a structural stand that supports a 40-inch TV monitor.  This exhibit package:
  • Installs in 10 minutes
  • Is portable and durable
  • Easily changes graphics with a patented interchange
  • Supports a 40” screen for high level video presentation at an incredible price point
  • Costs $4,990 CAD, including display, graphics, lights, case table, and monitor mount
Perfect for:
  • Technology exhibitors
  • Mining exhibitors
  • Travel exhibitors
  • Business services exhibitors
  • ... and any other exhibitor that wants to use AV to tell their story in a small space!
Click here to contact us or call us at 604-515-9822 to discuss this display further or start on a graphic design for your company.

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