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SkyRise Wall System – When You Want to Go Big At Vancouver Trade Shows

June 15, 2019

SkyRise Wall System – When You Want to Go Big At Vancouver Trade Shows

You’ve no doubt heard of the expression, “Go Big Or Go Home?” 

With the SkyRise® Wall System, you can set up an impressive exhibit surprisingly fast, go big at the show, and then even faster pack up and go home when the show’s done.

It has been several years since Skyline introduced SkyRise, and it’s proven itself a winner for island exhibitors.  Already a complete system when launched, Skyline continues to further expand SkyRise’s remarkable capabilities.

SkyRise is a double help to island exhibitors because it provides both strong design and logistics benefits:


  • Panels adeptly connect into large, seamless graphic walls. Skyline designers have leveraged this design strength to echo Euro-style exhibits that surround attendees with large brand images and customer benefits.
  • Also creates impressive towers, kiosks, and conference rooms with lockable doors.
  • Coverable with huge branded fabric graphics, backlit light boxes, and frosted windows for privacy in conference rooms.
  • Displays products with merchandising accessories including counters, shelves, lighting header, and custom mounting.
  • Integrates digital technology, from mounting TV monitors up to embedding video walls.
  • Rentable system allows for bigger impact at large, one-time events.


  • Tool-less connections reduce set up and tear down time and costs.
  • Graphics can be changed without disassembling frames.
  • Strong and durable welded frames provide excellent strength and durability with less weight than competitive systems.
  • While the wall system visually creates large, seamless graphic surfaces, the wall sections can still easily be separated and reused in future exhibit designs.

Now let’s see some examples of what SkyRise can do, so you can see more than just a bunch of bullet points:

PH Horn

This exhibit for PH Horn was the very first designed with SkyRise, showing how SkyRise was a success from the start.  Large walls do double duty as big graphic carriers that also house conference rooms on two levels.


DVS Technology Group

Walls with seamless corners create dimensional graphic impact for clear messaging and bold visual impact.  This exhibit is very influenced by European stand design, which more frequently includes one large wall on the shared side of a peninsula booth space. Flat screen monitor mounted to both tall and short wall sections.


Saacke Group

This exhibit similarly also has a more euro look, with 2 ½ sides walled in, which creates a more contained branded space.  Note the use of a tower-like shape in the middle of the booth for larger branding and to separate two large client machines.



Is it a tower? Or is it a wall? Either way, the SkyRise element at the center of this exhibit makes a monumental statement, with a large digital screen on the left, and a seamless graphic mural on the right.


Pro Mach

SkyRise panels wrap around the exterior of this huge exhibit for Pro Mach.  The left side includes an embedded video wall that integrates seamlessly with SkyRise panels.




Big graphics panels surround both the outside and insight of this exhibit. Corner panels rise up into towers.  Thin profile panels require little floor space considering the outsized visual impact, leaving more room for client interactions.



This exhibit for Berry demonstrates SkyRise’s clean design and versatility, with large mural panels in walls and conference rooms, including lockable doors and large seamless and backlit graphics.



Clinicomp’s booth has conference rooms on the back side, with a mix of seamless mural graphics, frosted windows for privacy, and lockable doors.


Evergreen Packaging

Here graphics and shelving combine to tell a story and merchandise featured products.

SkyRise is an excellent exhibit system that keeps getting better. If you want big impact in your large exhibit, yet want to minimize your operating costs, ask Skyline BC to design your next exhibit with SkyRise.

Request SkyRise Wall System Brochure

The SkyRise Wall System is a sturdy, flexible exhibit system that creates monumental impact with euro-inspired design cues. SkyRise has a full suite of accessories to design complete exhibits whether you need graphics impact, private meeting spaces, product displays, and audio visual integration. Interested in learning more about the Skyline SkyRise Wall System? Request your copy of the SkyRise free product brochure by clicking here.


About the Author

Chris Laundy is the President and CMO of Skyline BC, which delivers unique, cost-effective and innovative trade show displays to Vancouver and British Columbia marketers.  Chris’s company helps their clients improve their brand representation and manage the high operational cost of exhibiting in Canada and the United States.  Skyline BC’s website can be found at www.skyline.com/vancouver-bc.

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