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The Proof Isn’t In The Pixels – See Reality & Visit Our Skyline BC Display Showroom

February 04, 2019

The Proof Isn’t In The Pixels – See Reality & Visit Our Skyline BC Display Showroom

One of the biggest challenges Vancouver exhibitors have when analyzing their options to invest in a trade show display is getting a sense of what the end result will look like.

Exhibiting is like any other industry, there are good companies and bad companies. If you haven’t experienced the fit and finish of a range of displays firsthand, there’s clearly a risk that you make a purchasing decision that leaves you disappointed.

More Choices Can Also Mean More Poor Choices

The rise of online exhibit sales coupled with a proliferation of corner-shop print houses now offering banner stands and pop-up booths means exhibitors have more choice than ever and it’s a minefield in terms of quality, service and accountability. We strongly believe that your brand is simply too valuable to trust to a website, or an unqualified or inexperienced retail sales person.

It’s not just portable exhibitors who are at risk. Most cities in North America have cabinet makers and re-sellers of imported hardware that position themselves as trustworthy exhibit houses and it’s incredibly challenging to find a partner who can protect both your brand and your bottom line.

Experience Quality & Choice First-Hand

Because of this, we recently re-designed our showroom to better reflect our highly innovative product line and Skyline BC would like to invite you to stop by and take a look. We have developed complete displays using our award-winning Envoy® system, Skyrise®, PictureCube®, PictureScape®, WindScape®, Tablox® and much more.  (Click here to set up an appointment at our Delta BC facility.)

These new designs are all waiting for your attention in our showroom:


There are two big advantages you get when you visit our showroom to see the variety of Skyline exhibit systems:

  • First, you get to see them in real life, not just the way they are portrayed in a photo or rendering on a website that you can’t touch.  You can see for yourself the design and high-quality materials that will truly help your brand stand out at trade shows.
  • Second, you get to compare the various systems to each other, to find the best exhibit system for you.  Skyline has earned over 100 patents for its exhibit systems, creating over 20 systems that can be used by themselves or in combination.  When you visit in person, you can judge for yourself which systems best balance your unique blend of style, portability, and merchandising needs.

Some exhibitors are surprised when they see how much design style they can get with a lightweight modular system.  Equally, some exhibitors are surprised to see how much strength they can get with a modular system that still weights less than traditional custom.  And many are surprised to see how much design they can get with a rentable exhibit system.

Any snapshots we could show you don’t do these displays justice.  But that’s kind of the point – you need to see them in real life to know what you are really getting.

Again, I invite you to visit our showroom in Delta, BC, to experience the best modular exhibit systems you can get for your trade show presence.  Click here to set up an appointment.

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