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10 x 20 Vancouver Exhibitors Can Now Get Sophisticated Custom Design With Surprising Portability

January 28, 2018

10 x 20 Vancouver Exhibitors Can Now Get Sophisticated Custom Design With Surprising Portability

A 10 x 20 is the largest booth space that many exhibitors take.  These exhibitors want to separate themselves from the masses of 10 x 10s with a higher-level design and a more impressive brand presence. They want a stylish look as sophisticated as an island exhibit.

Yet, 10 x 20 exhibitors often want to retain most of the shipping, drayage, and show labor savings that they love from their portable 10 x 10 displays.

To serve this need, Skyline engineered three compatible display systems that provide powerful visual appeal with surprisingly small shipping.  Even better, two of these systems now offer inviting curved shapes. 

They are called the PictureScape® and PictureCube® exhibit systems, and the Tablox® table system. And our 10 x 20 display clients have been loving the design and portability we can now offer with them.

For example, this design for Klei has been named a finalist for an industry exhibit design award (vote here!), and is the most-liked inline exhibit design on the Skyline IDC Instagram account. The shape is unlike most backwalls, the graphics are colorful and fun, and the tables are sturdy yet set up fast without tools.

PictureScape’s design strength is that it not only provides a streamlined, professional look, but we can actually create custom, layered shapes that get attention and can even be outlined to reflect your logo or brand – and again, pack surprisingly small.

Here are three different 10 x 20 PictureScape exhibits with very angular shapes. Notice how their thin profile allows for layering overlapping sections for even greater design complexity:


While these angles can be customized to whatever shape you like, the addition of curves to both PictureScape and Tablox tables brings a more humanizing, comforting feel appropriate for some exhibitors:

To add backlighting to 10 x 20 displays, we integrate the compatible PictureCube system, for both backwalls and tables, as in this example you can see in our Vancouver showroom.  PictureCube is used for the center backlit backwall section and the backlit table:

You can see here what the actual booth looks like in our showroom:

This 10 x 20 exhibit provides more architectural sophistication than common portable displays, yet still packs in just one small crate (even with the lights for backlighting):

Here is another example of a custom-shaped PictureScape – the left edge of the large “S” icon is the custom-shaped left side of a PictureScape element, emphasized with lighting between the two layers.  You can also see this exhibit in our Vancouver showroom.

This exhibit fits into one crate, and the double (it’s a double with a bridge) Occasions® table fits into its own case:

These innovative and expanded exhibit systems give greater design possibilities while retaining lower operating costs. They also can be designed for use as separate 10 x 10 exhibits for brand consistency in smaller booth spaces.

Come see for yourself how we can give your brand the design it deserves while keeping your operating costs manageable. Contact us by email or phone to set up a showroom visit.  We’d love to help you make your 10 x 20 exhibit the best it’s ever been!

Click to learn more about PictureScape, PictureCube, and Tablox.

About the Author

Chris Laundy is the President and CMO of Skyline BC, which delivers unique, cost-effective and innovative trade show displays to Vancouver and British Columbia marketers.  Chris’s company helps their clients improve their brand representation and manage the high operational cost of exhibiting in Canada and the United States.  Skyline BC’s website can be found at www.skyline.com/vancouver-bc.

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