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16 Examples of PictureScape - The Custom Portable Display

February 21, 2019

16 Examples of PictureScape - The Custom Portable Display

With over 100 patents for their innovative trade show displays, Skyline has invented dozens of exhibit systems.

Yet, for 10x10 and 10x20 foot exhibitors who want both higher-level design AND crave to retain small-booth portability, Skyline’s PictureScape display system stands apart.

PictureScape provides so much design potential, yet still provides significant cost savings from packing so small when disassembled, that we’ve taken to calling it the Custom Portable.

Here are 6 design elements that make PictureScape such a stand out for inline exhibitors:

  1. Custom-shaped angled frame designs: Every exhibit backwall can be unique with frame shapes limited only by imagination.  Frame shapes can match logos, products, or design elements that catch the eye by their unusual profile.
  2. Curved frame shapes: Skyline can even bend frame shapes that are invitingly curved, expanding further the design possibilities.
  3. High-quality fabric graphics: With bold colors, whiter whites, precise fit-and-finish.
  4. Integrated accessories: Show products and audio visuals with monitor mounts and shelving.
  5. Slender profile: The thin frame allows for multiple PictureScape shapes to be overlapped for greater effect, yet require little booth space.
  6. Accent lighting: Colorful LED lights amplifies the visual impact of layered shapes.

That sounds great, doesn’t it?  But seeing is believing.  So, we searched the Internet to bring together some of the best recent designs made with the PictureScape display system.  Designs that exemplify the 6 design elements above.

Look at these 16 designs, and imagine what your company’s 10-foot and 20-foot exhibits could look like with your brand and brand assets.

Arity 20-foot exhibit has two large circles layered over a flat backwall with a backlit logo shape.  Check out the arc of blue light surrounding the circles. The left circle also has an inset flat screen monitor.  Designed by Skyline TradeTec.


Cleaning Guys 20 foot exhibit goes big and green with their bold graphics. Again, layers of PictureScape and edge lighting for a custom effect with surprisingly small pack down.  Designed by Skyline Sector 5.


id:analytics 10-foot exhibit has two layers in two very different colors that stand out from each other, one with a dramatic slanted shape that draws in the eye. Designed by Skyline San Diego.


Lok-Mor 10-foot exhibit uses the custom-shaped PictureScape to full advantage by combining three hexagonal shapes that mimic their nuts and bolt products. Designed by Skyline Sector 5


Moltin proudly represents their high-tech company with an edgy 10-foot PictureScape design featuring layering, angles, orange lighting, and bold graphics. Designed by Skyline Las Vegas.


netBI uses all the wall possible in a 6-meter booth with colorful graphics and an inset large screen monitor. Designed by Skyline Displays Australia.


Planet Innovation 20-foot exhibit mounts a large screen monitor and a bike to their backwall, and also uses PictureScape for low walls on the left side and a wrap around conference room on the right. While it looks like chalkboard, it’s really printed fabric graphics. Designed by Skyline Displays San Diego.


Relucent 20-foot display uses the angular custom frame potential of PictureScape to create visual intrigue. Designed by Skyline Bay Area.


The PictureScape element on the right half of this 20-foot display for sālar has a bumped-out angular shape to emphasize the exhibitor’s logo. Designed by Skyline Bay Area.


Sharp Heavy Equipment Services’ 10-foot display layers unusually shaped PictureScape elements that include striking graphics and a flat screen monitor mount. Designed by Skyline Sector 5.

Skyline Utah’s own 20-foot PictureScape layers 3 separate hexagon shapes into one complete exhibit.


Solari Energy’s 6-meter exhibit combines 3 very angular shapes into one exhibit. Each of the three elements have different graphic aspects, yet enough in common to work as a whole.  Designed by Skyline Displays Australia.


Center portion of Solari Energy’s exhibit from above.  Can be used on its own as a 3-meter display. Designed by Skyline Displays Australia.


Tunstall 20-foot exhibit blends PictureScape’s layered and angular elements with homey graphics to fit with their tagline, “bringing care home.” Designed by Skyline Displays Australia.


Turn-Key Processing Solutions brings their logo to life with a custom keyhole shape and hidden lighting. Designed by Skyline Tradetec.


This 3x3 meter exhibit for Welldog uses “truly unconventional” (like their tag line) angular shapes to make show attendees pause and take a second look.

There you have it – 16 backwall exhibits punching above their (light) weight in terms of design and impact.  Now that you’ve seen what PictureScape display system can do, click here to see more details, and to request a brochure.

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