Employee of the Month

October 2016 - Tiffani Hedgepeth

A newer addition to our team, Tiffani was voted Employee of the Month due to her having grown into her role with quickness and ease. Our clients who have worked with Tiffani began raving about doing so very quickly. She has terrific follow up skills, and is highly results oriented.

September 2016 - Valerie Hurst

One of our expert Account Rep's Valerie was named Employee of the Month by her peers for her ability to handle a complex out of the box project on her own while still continuing to produce at a high level.

July 2016 - Adam Dillow

Adam was nominated July's Employee of the Month after his willingness to go above and beyond was put on display. After transferring from the Service Department to the Art Department during the spring, Adam had to step back in this summer and help his old department on a number of large projects. He received glowing praise both from outside customers as well as his coworkers for his excellent customer service

June 2016 - Todd Cruse

Our logistics guru Todd Cruse is this months employee of the month. Todd brings that speical IT factor to the company and always takes the time to deliver world class customer service to both internal and external customers.

May 2016 - Geniss Bray

Another newer member of the team, Project Manager Geniss has blown all of her coworkers away with how quickly she has caught on both in her position and with the company. She is always looking to lend a helping hand, and improve company processes as she has become a very valuable member of the team.

April 2016 - Wayne Roberts

April's Employee of the Month is one of our newest employee's Wayne. Wayne has exihibted a desire to be a key member of the team even if its not part of his actual job, but helps the company since his first day on the job.

March 2016 - Chris Potelicki

Senior Account Executive Chris was elected Employee of the Month by her peers because shes helpful, generious, kind & funny. Shes always takes the time to share a kind thought, or lend a helping hand. She makes so much around here happen on so many different levels.

February 2016 - Tom Mersman

Senior Designer Tom earned his Employee of the Month honors for his flexibly while working on a number of large scale designs. He was willing to freely bounce back and forth between designs and revisions both internally and externally without a single complaint.

January 2016 - Natalie Burwell

Our first Employee of the Month for 2016 is Natalie Burwell. Natalie is always thinking WE not ME. A true team player who always looks to help a lending hand where ever she could.

December 2015 - Tony Love

Senior Project Manager Tony Love who has been referred to as a "Customer Service Guru" is our final Employee of the Month for 2015. Tony was elected by his peers for his willingness to step in a cover a wide aray of task in multiple different departments while others were out of the office.

Pat Halpin - November 2015

Warehouse manager Pat was elected Employee of the Month for willingness to go the extra mile to ensure total customer satifaction. Aside from managing the warehouse, Pat and his team handle all local (and some not so local) I&D's. Pat is always calm and in charge when on a I&D.

Craig Dolan - October 2015

Craig becomes our second employee to win Employee of the Month honors twice. Craig essentially works in three different departments (accounting/marketing/operations) while serving as the face of Skyline.

Angie Newcomb - September 2015

Angie Newcomb became our first repeat Employee of the Month in September. She essentially became a full time project manager again to help pick up the slack in a department that was short staffed this summer while still maintaining Director of Operations & HR duties.

Yvonne Williams - August 2015

Director of Accounting Yvonne Williams is August Employee of the Month. Yvonne brings a very business savvy & mind to Skyline. She's always looking to streamline processes. Further more Yvonne is always welcoming with a smile and suggestion on how to help. Her peers summed her by simply saying "Shes good people".

Angie Newcomb - July 2015

Congratulations to Angie, who is Skyline's Employee of the Month! Angie was nominated by her peers for her vision and planning for the company, her infectious laugh, desire to always see her coworkers develop & succeed and for always having a solutation for every situation.

Adam Dillow - June 2015

Adam has received numerous nomination in previous months for one simple reason...he is always willing to help. No matter how much may be on Adam's plate when ever anyone walks into the warehouse they're usually met with a friendly "How can I help you?" from Adam.

Marissa Hatfield - May 2015

Marissa Hatfield was nominated by her peer's for her attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure a project is correct the first time. Congratulations Marissa.

Clarissa Piquero Kierner - April 2015

 Clarissa was nominated by her peers for her significant contributions to a recent project, her willingness to help others, and her coordination of fun office activities that encourage relaxation & fellowship. Thank you Clarissa for all you do for our team!

March 2015 Employee of the Month  - Jessica Herrmann

Jessica Herrmann - March 2015

Jessica Herrmann was described as being an "Even Eddy" with all clients, which describes her calm demeanor when dealing with any and all situations that arise.

February 2015 Employee of the Month  - Craig Dolan

Craig Dolan - February 2015

Craig Dolan was named our employee of the month for February 2015. Join us in congratulating him. He was awarded for his initiative and willingness to always help.

Januray 2015 Employee of the Month - Natalie Burwell

Natalie Burwell - January 2015

Please join us in congratulating Natalie Burwell on being named our Employee of the Month for January 2015! Natalie was awarded for her desire to help the team in any way she can, for always going above and beyond. Clearly she is well deserving of the award.

December 2014 Employee of the Month - Spyke Fleming

Spyke Fleming - December 2014

Spyke Fleming was awarded to be our first Employee of the Month For December 2014. His team oriented nature and willingness to help whereever needed has been appreciated by many of his peers. He is a great part of the Skyline team.

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