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Trade Show Service Department

Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio Service Department.

Service is a value whose importance we cannot stress enough! We strive to have a team of dedicated personnel at every level and at every geographic post, providing a headache-free, seamless experience. Our service process includes a great deal of planning and communicating to prevent potential issues. Sometimes everything doesn’t go smoothly, which is inevitable in the trade show world. We ask ourselves this question constantly…”When an issue shows up, who shows up?” It’s about the attitude, the problem-solving capability and a commitment to resolve. We show up with solutions and do everything that we can to smooth out any bumps in the road.

Our service approach is complete dedication to an account. We work to do whatever it takes to make sure the account is serviced accurately, professionally and in a timely fashion. This includes pre-event planning, ongoing communication with internal and external teams, and post-event follow-up.

Out in the field, we rely on a team of service ambassadors who are trained in Skyline’s product line. We have 128 offices around the world with service crews in all major cities. This is one of the most unique and critical aspects of Skyline service: We are represented in every area of the world, our teams are determined to provide 5-star service no matter what it takes.
When we have been entrusted to service an account, we do not take our responsibilities lightly. We don’t simply want to create “raving fans” in our client family; we want to KEEP them raving. Exceptional service is the only way to achieve that.

Asset Management

Asset Management

All of our clients’ exhibit properties are stored in our 40,000 square foot facility in Columbus, OH. Our warehouse is climate controlled, has a hard-wired security system, and all properties are insured for full replacement value. All exhibits are stored in their appropriate cases and crates; and carpet rolls are stored up on a rack.

Prior to each show, the display is set-up in its entirety and inspected for any needs before it ships. If anything needs replacement or repair, it is brought to the client’s attention for resolution. 

After each show, the booth will be inspected for damage and any missing items within (7) seven days of return to the warehouse. Client are notified of any issues. 

Trade Show Services

Trade Show Services

Many clients find this part of exhibiting stressful and time consuming. Since we handle this aspect of exhibiting regularly, we know how to maneuver quickly the large maze of information the decorators provide. Whether is is show paperwork, Install & Dismantle or logistics, we are happy to manage the task so you can focus on marketing your company.



Our turnkey solutions with attention to detail are designed to make your trade show experience surpass even your greatest expectations. No matter what your exhibit size, style, or specific requirements, we have helped exhibitors like you achieve greater exhibiting success with our stress-free installation and dismantle process.

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Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio, LLC 2843 Charter Street / Columbus OH 43228 p: 614-684-2050 f: 614-684-2055

Skyline Exhibits of Central Ohio, LLC
2843 Charter Street / Columbus OH 43228
p: 614-684-2050 f: 614-684-2055

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